In Meerut, police separate law and order duties from investigation

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    In Meerut, police separate law and order duties from investigation - Indian Express

    The Uttar Pradesh police has informed the Allahabad High Court that separation of law and order duties from investigation, an important aspect of the police reforms as directed by a 2006 Supreme Court order, has been implemented in Meerut with immediate effect.

    It also informed the court that the current availability of sub-inspectors across the state was less than 40 per cent of the total sanctioned strength.

    The court, in its order passed on January 24, had suggested that the implementation of this particular reform may begin from Meerut, “which was recently described as the crime capital of India”. The court had also strongly noted that state government was not keen on implementing police reforms as directed by the apex court.

    The new measure will be extended to districts like Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur and Varanasi (all of which have a population of over 10 lakh), following a review of its functioning over a three-month period, the affidavit said. In its earlier submissions, the police had been citing several logistical problems in implementing the measures.

    The affidavit, filed by Director General of Police (DGP) Atul Gupta — who held the post till March 19 — was submitted before a division bench of Justices Amar Saran and Ramesh Sinha on Monday. It said that a circular ordering implementation of the new system in Meerut has been issued on March 14. At least 32 sub-inspectors have been deputed specifically for investigations in the 13 police stations within the city limits of the district.

    The affidavit also pointed out that a working plan for separating law and order duties from investigation in the state had been prepared and awaiting approval of the authorities concerned. However, out of the sanctioned post of 17,925 sub-inspectors, at present there are only 7,147, which was less than 40 per cent of the total requirement.

    The affidavit has been filed in connection with a petition, seeking separation of law and order duties from investigation, besides other police reforms. The petition was filed a few days after the sensational D’Damas jewellery showroom robbery and murder that took place on January 12, 2011.
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    So we will have Detective Kamble soon?
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    I think there is already a segregation in law & order duties and investigations.
    The Crime Branch-CID of each police station takes care of the investigation cases.

    The local law and order matters are anyway handled by the station police staff.
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    Good to see my home town getting into action.

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