In China, we have brothers! In the West, we are slaves!

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    In China, we have brothers! In the West, we are slaves!

    In ten years, the issue of China-Taiwan reunification will become a serious topic. Firstly, the GDP per capita between China and Taiwan would have narrowed considerably. Secondly, China's economic and military might will be overwhelming. Reunification under the "One Country, Two Systems" becomes highly probable.

    However, China-Taiwan reunification will need a good slogan. In ten years, most people would have forgotten about the pro-Russian Crimean protester. Now is a good time to give the guy credit, because I intend to borrow his slogan in the future.

    Look at the big smile on his face. He knows he has the coolest political slogan ever.


    Russian Forces Flood Crimea; Ukraine Warns of War - NBC News

    Pro-Russian protesters with Russian flags take part in a rally in central Donetsk March 1, 2014. The banner reads, "In Russia, we have brothers, In Europe, we are slaves."
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