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    Will the intension of proper functioning of dfi staff issues. Please make note :-

    1. Any Kind of Member Issues ( username change , reputation query , password change and any other ) please send your PMs to :- THAKUR_RITESH AND YUSUF

    2. Any Technical Issues ( gallery uploads , queries and how to do guides, and any technical problems VIDEO Issues ) Please send Pms to DAREDEVIL, SRIDHAR and TARUNRAJU)

    3. Any Kind of posting issues ( Post movement /merge/ , Thread approvals , post edits and even more ) Please mark your PMS to LETHALFORCE PINTU and VINOD2070.

    4. Any Disagreement over moderator decision/steps send a PM to RAY sir.

    This is the new division of labour to serve you better , the admins( NITESH , SINGH , V0ID and AV ) will have multiple responsibilites so incase you need speedy service just mark a mail to the concerned moderator for that particular issue.
    Incase your queries are not sorted out within 24 hours mark a copy of the PM to the admins....

    Emails for the admins are provided separately for any contact outside the forum....


    Those members going to aero India 2011 please submit your camera details here , we might just be able to assist you in many ways.


    Have Happy time on dfi posting and debating.

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