Implement land boundary agreement to transform ties with Bangladesh

Discussion in 'Subcontinent & Central Asia' started by Ray, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Mujarul Quayes, thge Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary has said - It is not in the interest of Bangladesh or in the interest of India to make a commitment and not deliver on it.

    Indeed that is correct.

    Why make a commitment and not deliver.

    There is no doubt that the Indo Bangladesh is chaotic owing to enclaves, changing course of rivers and so on. This makes it immensely difficult to implement any constructive activity like checking illegal immigrants or smuggling.

    It is time to get all parties on board and implement the accord or else it will reduce the credibility of the Indian Govt to be the master of its activities and keeper of its word.

    If indeed Mamata Bannerjee or the BJP are not suitably disposed, then they should have been consulted and the difference ironed out through dialogue.

    What is the use of making a commitment that one cannot deliver and instead appear to be totally impotent, as if India is in the grip of anarchy.
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    This is a very fundamental point that you have raised. Whether or not the Government has taken it's allies and the principal opposition parties in confidence remains to be seen. If the answer is in negative then we may see more embarrassing situations ahead.

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