IMF changes rules to isolate Russia China

Discussion in 'Economy & Infrastructure' started by punjab47, Dec 22, 2015.

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    Jul 31, 2015
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    Very big news, ups pressure massively on India as well.

    We very well are headed for a ww3 let's hope it can be averted.

    It would reset all the political bs in India though. Real issue is not reservation. It is shudra being sacrificed to appease abrahamic.

    Pratilom activist can give all platitude but, give poorest shudra two option

    1. Equality
    2. Join Khalsa with Ikshvaakh Kul & destroy melech.

    Any Hindu has and always will take second.

    On topic, how do you guys think this affects our All Align no Align policy. .

    USA will try to pull us into Alliance structure with Japan with threat of China & opportunity in ASEAN.

    Let's keep jaati varn out of topic, just wanted to make comment.

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