Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped"

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    Muslim Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped”, Arrested for Trying to Rape Woman

    You have to give Imam Shahid Mehdi credit. Unlike a lot of other Muslim clergy who say that women who don’t wear hijabs or burkas or who leave the house deserve to be raped, but then don’t follow up on it, Shahid Mehdi stayed true to his belief that Islamic morality justifies sex crimes by trying to commit a sex crime.


    An Islamic mufti in Copenhagen, Shahid Mehdi, has sparked political outcry from the left-wing Unity List and right-wing Danish People’s Party, after stating in a televised interview that women who do not wear headscarves are “asking for rape.”

    “Women are not entitled to respect when they walk around without a Hijab. They are to blame for it when they are attacked,” Imam Shahid Mehdi said.

    “All the crimes that occur against women is because they are not covered. When they are not covered, you have no respect for them. ”

    “She disobeys her master, there are two places in the Qur’an has ordered her to cover themselves (…) Women make a clean society dirty when they walk around without a Hijab. They are not entitled to respect and are not valuable as those who wear a Hijab. ”

    Shahid Mehdi made his remarks in the DR2 programme “Talk to Gode,” and reiterated his stance in daily newspaper B.T. The Danish People’s Party and Unity List agree that Mehdi’s remarks could incite Muslim men to rape Danish women by insinuating that women who did not cover their hair were undeserving of basic respect.

    As a mufti, a jurist who interprets Islamic law, Shahi Mehdi is in a special position of authority as a Muslim scholar. Mehdi is the Imam of the Islamic Religious Community mosque in Dortheavej in Copenhagen northwest and the Rector of Muslim private school and former leader of the Islamic Cultural Center in Brønshøj.

    “The very idea that this man is authorised to teach young people in the Koran is ludicrous. It’s like letting (Danish Nazi leader) Johnny Hansen teach the history of World War II,” said Rosenkrantz-Theil.

    No, actually it’s more like letting Johnny Hansen teach Mein Kampf. But to make a long story horrible, the Mufti followed up his Koranic teaching by doing this...

    A 36-year-old Danish man is the protagonist in a bizarre sex case, which will soon be dealt with in court in Malmö.

    Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö.

    The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later.

    The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable.

    She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head.

    The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that the man followed her, she told police. The man gave up his project, and disappeared into some bushes.

    It’s unknown whether or not the woman was wearing a Hijab. Or whether her dog was wearing a Hijab. Either way a Muslim court would have found her guilty. Unfortunately for him all this is taking place in Europe where the lack of a Hijab has not been widely accepted as justification for attempted sexual assault.

    Naturally Imam Mehdi is blaming racism.

    Clearly. No Swedish man would have been arrested for exposing himself to a woman and chasing her around the park… after saying that women without Hijabs deserve to be raped.

    Finally it was revealed that Imam Mehdi, Hijabi mandator, apparently used to sell women’s lingerie.

    Muslim Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped”, Arrested for Trying to Rape Woman | FrontPage Magazine

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    The Europeans are too tolerant. They need their own version of Bajrang Dal.
    These imams should be caught and killed !

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    Here in India too people oppose Bajrang Dal.
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    Akhand Bharat


    Is this Hijab mullah ji talking about???

    BTW woman look more sexy in hijab:sad::sad:
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    There are already many versions of "Bajrang Dal" in Europe. One of them is called EDL (English Defence League) for example. As the days progress, we will see many more such groups proliferating throughout Europe. These groups will become more and more violent.

    For all their blabber and lecturing us about "human rights" and "minority rights" for decades, these people are showing their true colours after having just 5% or less Muslim population. If they had a 14% Muslim population like India, they would have self-destructed long back.
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    This is even more beautiful.

    Tu shabana mi numaai be barkay boodi imshab,
    Ke hunooz chashm-e mastat asar-e khumar daarad.

    You look sleepless, in whose embrace did you pass the night;
    Your intoxicated eye has still the signs of tipsiness.

    Farsi Couplets of Amir Khusrau
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    Idiot Imam ! If it was so then Allah might have attached a natural Hijab with women at birth. :lol:
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    Such a big contrast of people we got on this earth.

    On one hand we got women covered head to toe in burqa and on the other hand we got totally naked women on beaches scattered like fishes to be dried/tanned. :wat: :lol:
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    Anyone who promotes killing, terrorism etc will be banned from here.
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    Patal Lok
    what happened to the dog?
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