ICRISAT's flagship program Bhoochetana hit by political turmoil in AP

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    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
    HYDERABAD: Thanks to political turmoil in the state, Hyderabad-headquartered International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics' (ICRISAT) is unable to push its flagship program Bhoochetana in the state.

    Launched in 2009, Bhoochetana is the land rejuvenation program of ICRISAT and government of Karnataka that aims to increase food production in the existing farmland while minimizing pressure on the environment through efficient management of natural resources. According to Karnataka agriculture minister Krishna Byre Gowda, the estimated net economic benefit from Bhoochetana has been around $230 million.

    After the success of the program in Karnataka, many states including Andhra Pradesh had evinced interest in it but the program is yet to take off in the state.

    "AP had adopted Bhoochetna program in 2011 and it has been launched in all the districts but due to the ongoing political disturbances in the state and particularly in the Andhra region, the program is yet to take off. As against the planned one million hectare to be covered under the program in Andhra Pradesh, we have been able to cover only 60 per cent," ICRISAT research program director (resilient dryland systems) Suhas P Wani said on the sidelines of the annual day celebration of ICRISAT.

    The lack of basic soil health mapping in the state has also resulted in delay, he added.

    Meanwhile, speaking about the performance of the institution, ICRISAT director general William D Dar said, "Based on our ongoing impact assessment studies, we are now able to show our donors and investors that the return on investment in ICRISAT is very high. Each dollar invested in 10 of our major technologies in the last 40 years across crops, regions and technologies - has yielded $71 in return."

    Icrisat's flagship program Bhoochetana hit by political turmoil in AP - The Times of India

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