I support Maoist movement, says Shibu Soren

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    Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief Shibu Soren today said that he supported the Maoist movement, but was opposed to killings.

    "I am in favour of the movement, but I certainly don't believe in killing people," Soren, a former Jharkhand chief minister, told a press conference when asked whether he supported the Maoist movement.

    "Jharkhand Mukti Morcha has always fought for the cause of tribals and our party will support anybody fighting for their development, but killing people is not justified," he said.

    Asked whether deployment of joint forces was causing problems to tribals, Soren said, "If the government thinks the force is necessary to restore law and order then none should question it. But at the same time it should be seen that the force is not used for the benefit of some party."

    On JMM's intention to contest the coming assembly elections in West Bengal, he said, "Let there be notification and then everything will be clear."

    Earlier, Soren, his son and deputy chief minister Hemant and some party leaders called on West Bengal governor MK Narayanan.
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    He is a criminal himself. A killer himself. He should STF.
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    It is not surprising that politicians who have been reduced to being non entities will resort to outlandish remarks just to stay in the limelight as also get some votes which are missing from their kitty.

    It is heartening to know that he supports the Maoist movement!

    But would he care to explain that when he was the CM why didn't he addressed the woes of the people? Had he done so instead of taking bribes (as is alleged) and stocking his own personal coffers, maybe there would have been no Maoists at all.

    Or was it his political agenda to drive the people to such lengths that they started the movement for which he could whistle up sympathy whenever the crystal ball foretold that he was being dumped as an appendage in the dustbin of history?

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