Hyderabad to host aerospace meet

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    Hyderabad to host aerospace meet - The Times of India
    HYDERABAD: India will flight test its scramjet engine developed by defence scientists in 2014. Chief controller, Research and Development (Missiles and strategic systems), DRDO Avinash Chander told reporters here on Wednesday that two countries in the world had tested the scramjet engine, but in only one case the flight was successful.
    "Scramjet technology is still going through the testing phase," he said. A scramjet engine can provide speed up to Mach 12, though India's scramjetengine is said to be aimed at achieving Mach 6 speed which is 5,800 km/hr.
    The 26th national convention of aerospace engineers and national seminar on 'Expanding frontiers in aerospace technologies - challenges and opportunities' is being organised by the aerospace engineering division board of the Institution of Engineers (India), Andhra Pradesh centre on November 24-25to discuss these issues.
    Avinash Chander, who is the co-chairman of the national organising committee, said cyber and space warfare were the new emerging areas wherewars would be fought and India will have to prepare for it. During the meet, India's Mars mission will also be discussed.
    Avinash Chander said the country has been able to leverage the spin offs of space technology for developmental purposes as well. He said the challenge now was also to harness energy from space.
    Apart from making India capable of handling its defence in the space, he said the challenge was also to come up with technologies that would make space travel and tourism economical.
    V K Saraswat, scientific advisor to defence minister, will inaugurate the convention and Rajaram Nagappa, distinguished professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, V Adimurthy, dean, Indian Institute of Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, S K Shiva Kumar, director, IsroSatellite Centre (ISAC) will speak at the meet.

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