Human scarification of a girl child

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    Mahagaon taluka of yavatmal district hivra sangam, a three year old girl murdered as a human sacrifice found out in police investigation. Just yesterday, police said that it doesn’t look like a human sacrifice, but just before today it is found that, the three old girl killed as a human sacrifice by two person to cure their father from illness.

    The child was missing from November 17, on Tuesday her body was found in a house under construction. Police arrested two persons age 25 and 22.before kidnapping the girl, they tried to abduct a boy but as his father saw it they let him go.
    On the day of the incident many people in the neighborhood saw them wandering around the little girl’s house, also they both lives close to the building where the girl was killed. Their father suffers from tongue cancer and for its cure they committed the crime.

    Both are connected to a voodoo doctor, who encouraged them to perform the act of human sacrifice and the voodoo doctor is not arrested yet.


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