Huawei : Kirin 930, 16nm, 64 bit processor

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    As news from Taiwan last night, TSMC is trying to speed up the 16nm process. The trial production will be moved ahead to the third quarter of 2014. The first processor will be the Kirin 930, one 64 bit CPU based on big.LITTLE.

    News suggested that TMSC invested a lot to enlarge the production volume of 16nm process chipset. The investment is over 3 billion US dollars. The first batch of Kirin 930 is in mass production this month. And in last quarter, the 16nm FinFET processor will be available for mass production. By this Kirin 930, Huawei surpassed Mediatek and Qualcomm, and becomes the first supplier adopting 16nm process.

    This year, Huawei has already released the Kirin 920 chipset, and in the conference, Ontablets has been told that Huawei is developing 5G device.

    Though, Kirin 920 is a nice processor. But the CPU and GPU performance can be improved further. The power consumption is very low already. So this new Kirin 930 may adopt the new Imagination PowerVR 6 series GPU. As the availability of Kirin 930, Huawei will become one of top CPU supplier in the world. But before that, Huawei need to resolve its shortcomings on operation system. If it can get back from Google or other big OS supplier, Kirin CPU will be top brand name in world.

    To know more about this new Kirin 930 CPU, you can follow our blog for further news.

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