How Jagdishbhai & Rani of Gujarat came to help Tahira of Aligarh

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    How Jagdishbhai & Rani of Gujarat came to help Tahira of Aligarh |

    Ahmedabad: Majority of the minority community across Gujarat and the world is commemorating the decade of Gujarat Carnage 2002, with all their Hindu and other community friends and well wishers. NGOs across Gujarat have organized many programmes, media is covering lots of related events.

    In all this, a beautiful and healthy development has also taken place. A young educated Muslim girl Tahira who is doing her Ph.D. (in History) from Aligarh is in Ahmedabad and has been extended a helping hand by Jagdishbhai Patel. Jagdishbhai is connected to BJP and RSS.

    Tahira had lost all hope to recover in the absence of any kidney donor ready for her (she has shrinking kidneys). Having already spent a huge amount at Chandigarh, Delhi and at Aligarh, Tahira’s family was sad and deeply upset after no ray of hope at Ahmedabad was in sight. They were about to go back to Aligarh when the good Samaritan Jagdish Patel played a positive role.

    Jagdishbhai says ‘it makes no difference to me, I do what I find is right. In the midst of riots and tense situations I have attended the calls of my Muslim brothers of my area, for, I know they trust me and they need my help. If I can be of some help to them why shouldn’t I do? They love me and I love them.’

    Muslims of his area which is still having Hindu Muslim population and is considered to be a ‘sensitive’ area has its own character. Jagdishbhai loves his people around and doesn’t wish to leave the area for any plush flat in any other locality due to the warmth and love and respect that he is offered by all communities in his area. He has worked silently for all the deserving people in camps and on roads, in Mohallas and slum pockets, during the Carnage, before and after. He still lives in the same Gomtipur area for many years and loves it. He is a different man, so also is his wife. They do not fear or feel hesitant to show their affiliation to Muslims and also with the right wing.

    He has been seen with needy Muslim patients and has walked that extra mile to spare his time and use his contacts for good cause. Jagdishbhai is highly educated and is the Head of ICFAI educational Institute of South in Ahmedabad.

    At a time, when the two communities in Gujarat are not so close to each other in dealing, interacting and sharing, here is an example of a person who crosses this boundary, who feels pain of others as his own, who doesn’t bother what will they say. His wife Rani is least concerned to be called names as to why she bothers to help Tahira morally or sisterly. She invites them to her house often and lends that helping and enquiring hand which is being able to move Tahira a stronger person to face the harsh stage of her life.

    The bridge and setu of love and care is what differentiates man to animals. We have to show concern and understanding for the cause of others. Spreading the message of humanity through deed is the best lesson one can give, and all this with no intention and desire of publicity or fame.

    This journo on her own discovered this yeomen service that was being extended by the Patel family for Tahira and her family.

    What Muhammed Ali, Tahira’s brother has to say
    Jagdishbhai is a gem of a person. The very first time when I went to see him the way he welcomed me, I just can’t forget it. He greeted me as if I am his real younger brother. Since then it seemed that my sister’s life was saved. I felt so relaxed and happy. In this new and totally different city which is known for some not very good reasons also had to offer so much love and care from Jagdishbhai’s family. He has helped us in ways which are touchy and dear to the heart to cherish for long. This must set an example for all those who fight in the name of ‘labels’. Deep inside we are all one.

    ‘There were hitches and long waiting list which forced us to forget about Tahira’s treatment. At one point when it was a bizarre situation we decided to go back, full of despair and sorrow, back in Aligarh there was no hope of treatment and it was a ‘death call back to nowhere’. But, at that point Jagdishbhai asked us to change our mind and just give him two days’ time, he will try to do his last best. And, he did it.

    “Actually I saw the concern and pain for our worry on the face of Jagdishbhai. In front of me only he started pleading doctors and acquaintances to help Tahira to be operated at Civil’s Kidney hospital where it was not getting possible.

    He started telephoning his acquaintances and professionals frantically before my eyes. I was seeing someone who I feel entered our lives as an ‘angel’ was at work. Tahira is not yet operated but Inshallah soon she will be, since she is in the priority list, for her both kidneys are shrunk and she is facing great pain and difficulties, she is on pills and weak. The criterion that she is a young unmarried girl who has to yet start her career, she is a priority but we have to be available here to get the kidney if within four hours or so of its being donated or received by the hospital. So, the wait is on. But, there is strength and FULL HOPE, all due to Jagdishbhai.”

    “We feel apprehensive to phone Jagdishbhai everytime but he keeps in touch with us on a daily basis, he enquires about our little needs, problems and issues like water gas etc. Imagine, when we had no gas to cook with, he gave his own gas cylinder to us despite the fact that Didi (Rani) had to cook on kerosene stove when her gas cylinder got finished. This is love this is caring.”

    Jagdishbhai remembers her first meeting with Tahira
    Tahira is changed now, feels Jagdishbhai who remembers meeting her first time three months back when she was just not able to walk or even sit properly, she had eaten cubes of ice at our place for she was feeling thirsty and was totally depressed. But, now we see she is ready to face the transplant operation and is rather eager for the day when she will be cured of the damage. There are no answers to why Tahir had to face all this pain but, yes, we all as fellow humans and concerned citizens have to lend little hand of sharing sympathy and love to her and her dear ones, for this is what we the humans are meant for, isn’t it? wonders Jagdishbhai, who has a soft voice and a composed personality.

    Rani is already happy and feels that Tahira will soon be a happy bubbling girl on her feet. She says: “I pray to Bhagwan that Tahira should soon be successfully transplanted with a healthy kidney and should be able to live a healthy life ahead. She is a brilliant and promising educated girl who has to so much for the family and the society in the future.”

    When asked about Jagdishbhai’s positive role, Rani quickly smiles to add “oh, I am so very thankful to Patel sahib (husband) who granted my wish to help Tahira since she is from my maika area (Rani had requested Jagdishbhai to be of help to Tahira since she knew her father through her sister who lives in Aligarh. She calls him Maulvi Sahab.).

    Jagdishbhai said, “I wish Tahira must be operated at the earliest and she becomes healthy and joins her family in Aligarh. My only intention is that Tahira should be cured of her serious problem. She is a nice girl with so much of ambitions just like any other educated upcoming girl”.

    Tahira looking forward to live
    Tahira Ghulam Muhammed is today very happy, she is looking forward to LIVE and complete her education and teach as a professor. She strongly feels that the ignorance of health issues, education issues and donation of certain useful body organs have all so much meaning. She says “Muslims should be provided guidance in a better way about issues like donation of body parts or many such issues which are still not clear. She feels sad about the affairs of Muslims everywhere and advocates that the leadership should be done by well educated and learned people who know the religion in its true meaning and essence. “

    Tahira resolved that she will donate her body parts when she dies. Now that she knows the importance of donation, she says why say ‘no’ to donation when we can donate ‘blood’ I think we can donate anything.

    Her brother Muhammed Ali who is a graduate is living with his sister in a small house which has been given to them free by one Musheehulbhai in Juhapura (Tauheed Park 2 H. No.17 - Musheehul was known to Jagdishbhai). Ali has brought his books, whole day he is working on the cash counter of one Usmanbhai Chhipa who has given him this temporary job at his ‘Bhajia House’ in Dani Limda and earning some money for bearing daily expenses of his and sister’s stay in Ahmedabad. Tahira herself has volunteered to work and Afzalbhai Memon was kind enough to offer her a small temporary job. Ali and Tahira are also grateful to Shamsheerbhai who without knowing them directly first welcomed them to this city.

    Suddenly the brother sister of a decent educated Muslim family are experiencing the days when they are at the mercy and kindness of others. They are touched and have seriously been pondering on various thoughts. Lacuna within the community, mismanagement, ignorance and alienation from the mainstream are highlighted to them now, once they are out of a routine style of living. With a firm educated and impartially secular background of their house both brother and sister have a broad mind and are progressive.

    Speaking about Jagdishbhai and family Tahira said “life had almost come to a halt in my case, both in physical sense and at emotional level. WE had spent a lot, my family has suffered a great deal due to my health issue. All our savings were finished and yet I was not able to get any commitment and was shown door to treatment. I was sinking and depressed. When Jagdishbhai came into our life, it took a positive turn. Although my family knew his sister in law and they had visited us. In Aligarh my family at least has never felt that someone is Hindu or Muslim.

    Tahira’s case is today registered at Civil Hospital and the wait is on as soon as the kidney is made available she will be operated upon. Ali takes care of his sister who undergoes dialysis twice a week. He works for the whole day, studies in the night and helps sister in cooking or sometimes he himself cooks for both of them. He even washes clothes of his sister. There is no source of entertainment in their life.
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    well we need more such of stories in media particulary secular media

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