How important is national unity and identity?

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    I thought this forum would be a good place to ask for opinions. How important do you think a sense of national unity and identity is to India in it's ongoing development towards a world power?

    I personally believe such notions are important in the development of any nation. Not only will it reduce friction but a common identity can be seen as correlating to the rise of any great power. However, going about this can prove to be bothersome. India is highly diverse but most of the groups in the Sub-Continent share common origins. Appealing to this and creating a national layout based on it seems like an easy way to achieve the goal of a national identity. Unfortunately, even at the most basic levels India seems to be remain divided. If we consider our lingual histories, ethnic origins, cultural and racial identities, and history a few broad, distinct groups emerge - Indo-Aryans, Dravidians, Tibeto-Burmans and, perhaps, the Adivasis. The problem we then face is to fit such diverse identities into one country. The only common factor that can be attributed to most modern inhabitants of the Sub-Continent would be that they have had some influence from Indo-Aryan culture. Beyond that, I'm at a loss. Perhaps diving the nation up and having a common federation such as the EU maybe a more sensible decision.

    Like I said, that is just my personal opinion. You may not feel the need for this. I'm simply looking for your opinions.
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