How Guys will use Google Glass?

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    We could talk all day about the implications of Google Glass and what the high-tech eyewear could mean mean for the future of a connected world. Sure, capturing life’s fleeting moments and improving our day-to-day lives sounds all good and dandy, but some dudes out there just wanna know how wearing a chastity belt around their heads is going to hurt their chances with the ladies.

    Well, we came across a fun video exploring this very topic. The good news? Having full access to the limitless knowledge of the world wide web strapped to your skull might not hurt your chances at all. But your friends are another story and of course, Apple still finds a way to cock-block. Some things will never change. Watch on.

    How Guys Will Use Google Glass - YouTube
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    See, this is why I should search "Defence Only" for new posts.:)

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