How did you like Windows 10?

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    How did you like Windows 10?

    Some of yo might have bought a new PC or laptop very recently, and it probably came with Windows 10.

    I bought mine about a year ago, and it came with Windows 8.1. I had a glitch-free experience with Windows 8.1. Then, about a month ago, I got this "free" offer from Microsoft to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10. I was apprehensive, and did go around reading user experiences before I actually upgraded. All I learnt about Windows 10 was good. So then, I went ahead an upgraded.

    After upgrade, I began to see glitches. My GeForce display driver kept crashing for no apparent reason. So, I decided to downgrade back to Windows 8.1.

    Overall, while the look and feel was great, my experience was annoying.

    How many of you liked Windows 10?
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    I have been using Windows 10 since the beta releases and at present, I am using Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.

    Frankly speaking, I liked the operating system. It's better than Windows 8.1.

    It's UI is clutter free and awesome. It's faster than Windows 8.1.

    That's the problem, you have upgraded!

    Try Fresh installation. As a best practice, I always install new OS afresh rather than upgrading on top of existing OS.

    On Fresh installation, there won't be any issues w.r.t. drivers. Windows 10 supports drivers written for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Even some legacy XP drivers work on Win 10.
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