How Defence Expenditure is Measured

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    Note on revised NATO definition

    The NATO definition of defence expenditure differs from national definitions so the figures quoted may diverge
    considerably from those given in national budgets. Expenditure is included for countries that provide Military
    Assistance. Expenditure is not included for countries receiving assistance. Defence expenditures also include pensions
    for the military and civilian retirees from the MOD.

    Additionally, from 2004 NATO has adopted a revised definition covering the defence expenditure of member states.
    The new definition seeks to exclude expenditure on Other Forces except in the case of those elements of Other Forces
    which are structured, equipped and trained to support defence forces and which are realistically deployable. Most
    nations have now reported defence expenditures according to this new definition, and in some cases (Greece, Italy,
    Luxembourg, Portugal and Turkey), this has resulted in a significant apparent decrease in defence expenditures.


    based on this definition... what is India's true defence expenditure? What is Pakistan minus foreign aid?

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