Hospitals in China can't tell tea from pee

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    Private hospitals in China can't tell tea from pee: report

    Staff Reporter 2012-08-01

    One of the hospitals that diagnosed severe genitourinary problems from testing the reporter's "sample." (Photo/CFP)

    A report from China's state-run online broadcaster China Network Television reveals that three private hospitals in the country offered an inaccurate diagnosis to an undercover reporter who sent them green tea instead of a urine sample.

    The hospitals apparently didn't notice the pee was actually tea, and offered the reporter a host of expensive treatment options, reports our sister paper China Times.

    The reporter went to another clinic for a genuine checkup before going to the three hospitals, which showed he was in good health. Yet after submitting his "sample" to the three hospitals — one in Hebei province and one each in the northeast cities of Shenyang and Changchun, each hospital told him they had detected severe genitourinary problems from his "urine."

    The hospitals variously diagnosed the reporter with a urinary tract infection, kidney deficiency and diseases of the prostate, with one doctor even recommending surgery for prostate calcification. All the treatment options suggested by the hospitals were expensive, ranging from 1,350-8,000 yuan (US$210-$1,250).

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    Capitalism's dirty tricks have been learnt!
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