Hong Kong crackdown reveals China’s fear of contagious rebellion

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    The Communist Chinese Party's constitution states - The Communist Party of China leads the people in building a harmonious socialist society. In accordance with the general requirements for democracy and the rule of law, equity and justice, honesty and fraternity, vigor and vitality, stability and order, and harmony between man and nature and the principle of all the people building and sharing a harmonious socialist society,
    Full text of Constitution of Communist Party of China (3) - People's Daily Online

    Therefore, removing the wheat from the chaff, it just means that the rule of law (read CPC diktat) is the sole way to build harmony.

    Harmony is not a new word for China.

    5,000-year history of China, "harmony" is replete in its mention and has become but a philosophical tradition.

    Thousands of years ago, Chinese carved the character "He", which means harmony and peace, on tortoise shells, and philosopher Confucius (551 B.C. to 479 B.C.) expounded the philosophical concept of "harmony without uniformity", meaning a world is full of differences and contradictions, but the righteous man should balance them and achieve harmony.

    The Concept of Legalism puts harmony as a cardinal issue that is achieved through rule of law without any dissent or interpretation beyond that of the Ruler, who it was said knew the best.

    That is what makes the Chinese so obedient to what is perceived by the outside world as being supine, passive and mind controlled.

    Hong Kong, though composed of Chinese is different since it was subjected to British rule with British principles, which the obedient Chinese there lapped up as the rule of law and imbibed the same. That is why a 'new' form of ideas wafting in from the Mainland and forcing Hong Kong people to change tack is found by them to be reprehensible.

    Xi, on the other hand, Xi, too is a Han steeped in the Theory of Legalism and aware that the 'King' is the sole authority who know what is the best for his people. Hence, he is not amenable to anyone flouting his diktat.

    Hong Kong, being Chinese will succumb finally, but the Uighurs and Tibetans, not being Han will have to be subjugated with force, even inhuman force - another aspect of the Chinese psyche where Chinese torture is infamous throughout its history and is universally known.

    Chinese water torture is a process in which water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim insane.
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