Hitler and Frankenstein contest Indian elections

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    Hitler and Frankenstein contest Indian elections

    6:19PM GMT 19 Feb 2013
    Telegraph, UK

    Adolf Hitler and Frankenstein will be among the 343 candidates competing in state elections this week in a region of Indian notorious for its bizarre naming conventions.

    Other candidates in the Meghalaya state elections include Bombersingh, Boldness Billykid, Predecessor and Process. Hopingstone Lyngdoh, Hilarious Pochen and Hopeful Bamon had also thrown their hats in the ring, vying for the 60 seats up for grabs in the Meghalaya state legislative assembly.

    The peculiar names appear to have their roots in India's colonial past.

    Many Britons frequented state capital Shillong, preferring its temperate climate to the searing heat of the rest of India. Historians say those former ties with Britain led to a convention of naming local children using random English words or famous names from the past, often without knowledge of their meaning.

    "Often they don't know the background of the names. They get attracted to these names for their quest of modernity," Sanjeeb Kakoty, a history professor at the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong told AFP.

    The stocky, balding politician Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak does not resemble his German namesake in appearance nor mannerisms, aside from his moustache. He believed his parents simply did not know who the historical Adolf Hitler was.

    "Maybe my parents liked the name. But I am not a dictator," he told AFP.

    A member of the Nationalist Congress Party, Mr Hitler-Marak is contesting the elections from the constituency of Bajengdoba in west Meghalaya.

    In the past, Indian shops and restaurants named after Adolf Hitler have been forced to change their names after facing protests.

    Mr Hitler-Marak however has never had any such problems - apparently an acknowledgement by the state's 2.9 million citizens that a dubious name does not a dubious character make.

    Previously named victors in the elections have included Churchill and Roosevelt.

    "Parents may christen their children funny names, but as long as the candidates perform their duties, we have no problem," an imaginatively titled trader, Class One, told AFP. "What's in a name?" he asked.

    Election results will be announced on February 28.

    Source: AFP

    Link: Hitler and Frankenstein contest Indian elections - Telegraph
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    Stalin, Rostow, Ravanan are popular names for boys in Tamil Nadu.
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    Any candidates named Schicklgruber?

    Frankenstein is not an uncommon name.

    A candidate named "Frankenstein's Monster" would be unusual.

    Young Frankenstein (1974) - IMDb
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    Some idiot will call their child- jimmy saville too.

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