Historical Indian gdp as world %

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    In 1ad above 50%
    In 1700ad 24% larger than all of europe
    In 1950s 1.5% result of parution and melech ingrez

    So stop having heart attack inferiority comolex duebto gora lies

    That medicine math etc came from west and indians are just hindu savages with barbaric caste system

    It's all nonsense

    The shudr who builds tunnel for pandavs has character incomparably higher

    Than any melech or any of the chandals who post here (won't name and shame)

    Charak Samhita
    The triangular theorem

    Fiber optic
    Intel pentium


    What have foras done in entire history but sell their women to muslims?

    That's all Vikings did.

    The greeks and romans were both homosexuals and patiputr was bigger than rome anyway.

    These civilized goras made lion and tiger extinct in europe, mid east north africa.

    British came and basically did that in india civilized right?

    In American south sayung is a virgin is a girl who can outrun her uncle

    All this post 60s economic development of west is due to Indians.

    Yet these chandals want to make India like europe

    Europe is a failed state

    The piigs countries each have more than 40% youth unemployment

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