Hinduism must become a tool of our foreign policy

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by ArmchairGeneral, Jun 13, 2015.

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    I am delighted to see how Modi has been giving copies of Bhagvad Gita etc. to dignitaries, and re-asserting hindu pride when visible in international spotlight. however, it must go further.

    The BJP-led govt. must start using the RSS as an active arm of India abroad. RSS needs to establish a presence in every country with a significant Hindu population, and from then on try and influence society in a manner beneficial to India's interests.

    Nepal: Use religion to subvert the influence of godless maoist, anti-indian, pro-chinese elements. Preferebly revert Nepal to being a Hindu state.

    IOR (Mauritius, Seychelles, Fiji etc.): Use the significant and influential Hindu populations of these lands to create political blocs which ensure pro-Indian regimes in these nations.

    ASEAN (Bali, Malaysia, Cambodia etc.): Re-establish a link between the mother country Bharat and these lands, try and usher in a spiritual and cultural reawakening in these societies, conditioning the polity to adopt views favourable to Indian interests, particularly buying us favour in this part of the world, against hegemonic China.

    Bangladesh/SL: Use the sizeable Hindu populations of these lands to create political blocs which act as guarantors of Indian interests.

    Pakistan: Increase the visibility of Hinduism in Pakistan, establish sleeper cells which can reawaken Sindhi nationalism, start demanding pilgrimage rights, protect cultural legacy of Indus Valley from tarnish.

    Saudi Arabia used it's petrodollars to export it's interpretation of Islam to every nook and cranny of the ummah world, and this is why today they are the predominant and pre-eminent islamic power of the world. Today, they reap the benefit of having the ears of every country which will listen and also found reliable nuclear rent-boy through their remarkably successful campaign of islamization. We must do the same, even if while calling ourselves "secular" on the surface.
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    You are aware that things haven't exactly worked out for them yea? All of the fundamentalists the Saudi kingdom has bankrolled now actively seek to undermine their regime. Unfortunately for the Saudis, in the Islamic world today petrodollars are far easier to implement than common sense; which is precisely whey they are stuck in an absurd iterative and vicious cycle of funding extremists for short term friendship only to add to the list of long term enemies.
    Using religion as a propaganda tool is a dumb policy as far as long term goals are concerned. The Indian establishment would be significantly better off diverting their attention to fixing difficult problems like infrastructure development, land acquisition and labor laws instead of dabbling in nonsensical Hindutva propaganda.
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    Hindu Philosophy will revive but that has nothing to do with India !
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    Both can be done at the same time
    Getting Yoga day recognized at UN was master stroke and it checked all the appropriation of Indian heritage as their own. I saw Modi added stones in the Indian meal they were ingesting for their greater civilization digestion plans. Kudos to Rajiv Malhotra who I bet must have tipped Modi and for bringing this discourse to higher level as he is good friend of many policy makers now in power including Ajit Doval.

    I read many ass burning quite frequently when Modi visit temples and share his thoughts directly plucked from wisdom Hindu civilization has preserved.
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    Q: Hinduism must become a tool of our foreign policy....?

    A: Foreign policy has nothing to do with Hinduism.
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    Using religion as a tool has the problem that it can be abused.
    It is far better to keep our strategic and foreign policy away from our identity.

    However we don't have to go out of our way to bury our identity. Just be honest. "Hinduism" by any stretch is not uniform nor is it cult based. Let it be used by anyone as their way of life to attain find wisdom in their own way. Leave it to the muth's that do the job, but govt. must not.
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    If Hinduism becomes central to India's foreign policy..it will stand on the following pillars of Hindu thoughts:
    (1) Vasudev Kutumbkam (the entire world is my family)
    (2) Sarv dharm sam bhav (Respect other religions the same way you respect your own religion)
    (3) Yatra naryante pujyante,ramante tatra devata (where women are revered, Gods reside there)
    (4) Sarve Bhavantu Sukhine,Sarve Santu Niramaya( Let all human beings be happy and Healthy)
    (5) Adwet paramatma (God is one, people call it by different names)

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