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    Faridabad, Haryana
    United Kingdom

    David Cameron,
    Prime Minister
    Visited India: July-27-28

    1) $1.1 billion BAE Systems, Europe’s biggest defence contractor, and engine maker Rolls-Royce signed a deal with HAL to supply 57 Hawk trainer jets to India.

    2) Nuclear agreement Nuclear cooperation was inked earlier in the year.

    3) He unequivocally condemned Pakistan for “exporting terrorism” and also clarified that he had not been misquoted.

    4)Reiterated support for India becoming a permanent member of UNSC.

    United States Of America

    Barack Obama,
    Visited India: November 6-9

    1) Struck deals worth $15 billion that would create nearly 54,000 jobs in the US as India bought goods from it under the deals.

    2) Set a bilateral trade target of $75 billion by 2015.

    3) Defence deal worth $5.8 billion., Before he arrived, Boeing and the Indian Air Force had reached a preliminary agreement on the purchase of 10 C-17 Globemaster III military transport aircraft.

    4) Said terrorist networks, including Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, must be defeated & urged Pakistan to bring to justice perpetrators of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    5) Endorsed India’s candidature to a reformed and expanded council.

    6) Showed intent to support India’s full membership in the four multilateral export control regimes (NSG, Missile Technology Control Regime, Australia Group and
    Wassenaar Arrangement) in a phased manner.


    Nicolas Sarkozy,
    Visited India: December 4-7

    1) Unveiled $20 billion worth of civilian nuclear energy, defence and aviation deals

    2) French companies are committed to investing over $13 billion in India by 2012 & bilateral trade target set at $16 Billion by 2015.

    3)Close to signing deals for a $2.7 Billion joint missile development and refitting India’s Mirage fighter jets at a cost of $ 2 billion.

    4)French company Areva will build two nuclear power plants in west India after at €7 billion.

    5) Reiterated support for India becoming a permanent member of UNSC.


    Wen Jiabao,
    Visited India: December 15-17

    1) Deals worth $16 billion signed.

    2)Bilateral trade target set at $100 billion by 2015.

    3) China welcomed the CBSE's move to introduce Mandarin Chinese in all its affiliated schools.


    Dmitry Medvedev,
    Visited India: December 21-22

    1) Discussed ways to achieve bilateral trade target of $20 billion by 2015.

    2) $30 bn worth agreement to co-design fifth generation fighter aircarft.

    3) Reiterated support for a “deserving” and “strong” India.

    4) Supported India’s entry in the NSG & also took into positive consideration India’s interest in full membership in MTCR and the Wassenaar Arrangement.

    5) Building of two additional nuclear power plants in Tamil Nadu, where Russia is already setting up two reactors.

    6) The President welcomed India's intention to join SCO as a full member, which he said would significantly increase the SCO's political weight & agreed to make efforts along with other SCO members to accelerate the process of India's entry into the organisation.

    6) Russia supports India’s application to join the APEC and intends to work in
    this direction when the moratorium on the new membership is lifted.
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    None of this has any meaning considering that all these countries STILL consider J&K as "Disputed" and make it a point to show that it is depicted in dotted lines. US goes to the extent of even dotting Arunachal Pradesh on its map! The only significant deal came up when Medvedev signed some hi-fi contracts and Sarkozy got busy with nuclear plants. Rest was all superficial visit. Unless and until they stop pandering to a failed state's medieval concepts, it means little. Cameron and others need to mean their condemnation of jihadi terror from our neighbour in action by recognizing our disputes as null and solved.

    China won't but other 5 can and should.

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    Our leaders never discussed this displeasure with other world leaders as aggressively as they should or use an trade as leverage so it gets accepted by other countries that these disputes maye legitimate?? silence is not always golden. When USA wants India to be a strategic partner against China why do these things happen??Politicians can make it clear fix this or no partnership. It is 99% Indian politician fault. No outsiders will come to fix the wrong in India when India politicians don't even care about fixing it.
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