Here is why India will keep growing faster than China

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    The article may think that a mature economy requires entrepreneurship and innovation, but they are silent of a qualities that the Chinese posses - hunger for money and more money, low scruples, and a penchant for gambling. All this make them great entrepreneurs even if they lack and innovations driven psyche.

    That apart, the jury is out and we will see the outcome.
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    Inflating and manipulating GDP aside, China has done well to extract the benefits of manufacturing and infrastructure. These infrastructure spending has helped them shore up GDP growth but if as suspected these investments turn out to be in NPA, they are likely to have a hard time maintaining the pace.

    India on the other hand is yet to really scratch these sectors, so we have plenty of room (plenty to catch up to too).

    China's demographic problem will mean that they will have to transform from a production based economy to a consumption based one, but for that people need to possess purchasing power, which at the moment and for the foreseeable future they are unlikely to.

    India needs a stable government with sincere intent most of all. Lets hope for atleast a decade of that.
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