Help Liberate Balochstan and live with peace in South Asia

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    By Sunaina Baloch ., Phd
    Balochis strongly condemn dastard killing of innocent people in Mumbai ,India in the train blast by terrorists . There is no doubt that these terrorists are instigated, inspired and supported by Pakistan without which they cannot act with such devastating effects. We mourn with the families of the near and dear and pledge to shine the light of justice on the face of perpetrators . We Balochis regret that our Indian brothers have fallen in the trap of false assurances delivered by Pakistan .
    Government of Pakistan is just a name sake visage ,a rubber stamp , the real power is in the hands of ISI , ISI is a state within a state with full control of every aspect of governance in the country . Any assurances given by the Pakistani Government are just words written on sand , and the highest level of decision making eneity is ISI . The acts of terrorism are controlled and monitored by ISI, it is exceedingly difficult for Indian People and government to carry forward what may be called as normalization and peace process . We are certain that our Indian brothers and sisters have realized that engaging and hoping for Peace with Pakistan is like chasing chimera .
    Pakistani Punjabis hates economic progress and prosperity of India ,they are using jihadis to affect India's economic progress , it is time for Indian brothers and sisters to join hands and build a national will against Jihadi terrorism sponsored by the state of Pakistan. By carrying out such attacks, Pakistani ISI want to create communal tension in India and to destroy the country's secular fabric .
    We Balochis admire and bow to the spirit shown by Indians during this grave crisis and moving forward .Life can never be the same for those who have lost their near and dear ones , Indians must recognize Pakistani ISI is using every tool to spread their tentacles of terror across the country .
    There are two options to Indians , either to continue suffer Pakistani Jihadi attacks or to teach a lesson once and for all by dismembering Pakistan by liberating Balochistan . We appeal to Indian brothers and sisters to support Baloch freedom struggle and liberate us from the Punjabi Pakistan , the sole war mongering evil of sub continent .
    Please help us liberate from Pakistani Punjabis for peace and prosperity for our children and future generation and for whole sub continent.
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    first let us indians liberate from corrupt congress then we are more than happy to help others,they are biggest isi agents.
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