Hector Aleem says "Pakistani Christian Refugees under threat"

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Peaceworldwide, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Pakistan is a country where minorities aren’t treated well. Pakistan is country where there are Blasphemy and Discriminatory laws against minorities like 295-B & C. Though all these laws are in Islamic countries but Pakistan implement these laws more efficiently. Due to this prejudice, discrimination and inhuman behavior, Pakistani Christians have started to flee from the country and are going to other countries for asylum. As they flee from their homeland, they have to leave everything and due to very less amount of money they choose countries which are easy to access. Normally these countries are Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia etc. Many of these countries have not signed the 1951 Geneva Convention for refugees due to which these countries don’t follow the rules and regulations of UNHCR, in the result, the refugees have to face arrests, detention and discrimination by the local community and police of the asylum country.

    There are many so called Pakistani Christian leaders who are the puppets of the Government of Pakistan which is an anti-Christian Government. The Government of Pakistan appoints them to speak in favor of Government of Pakistan and all they have to do is to praise government and say that Christians are enjoying equal rights. I believe that every Pakistani Government is anti-Christian because none of them have ever done anything better for Pakistani Christians. It is because every Pakistani Government is backed by the establishment and the agencies and their agenda is to oppress Christians and never let them to reach any higher place so that none of them will ever be able to raise voice for their Christian brothers and sisters.

    Christian MNAs (Member of National Assembly) and MPAs are not elected in Pakistan but Nominated by the political parties to speak in favor of Pakistan. Instead of raising voice for Christians, political parties use them for their anti-Christian agenda. For example, a Christian MNA Ms. Asia Nasir who is the representative of Jamiat Ullema e Pakistan can never speak against blasphemy laws. Maulana Fazal ur Rehman and leaders of other Islamic extremist parties are in favor of Anti-Christian laws. Same is happening these days in which the Government of Pakistan with the help of some Christian members of parliament and so called leaders has succeeded in deporting refugees from Sri Lanka back to Pakistan. These so called Christian leaders start propaganda against Pakistani Christian refugees and speak against them so that they could get a title of a patriotic Pakistani and they will be praised by all those high officials whom they want to make happy. In armed forces of Pakistan, there are many Christians who fought bravely for the country and were not even afraid to give their lives but they are all degraded and are given derogatory remarks by their low ranking juniors from the majority religion.

    All the so called Christian leaders in Pakistan are not leaders, they are all traitors. History and Christians will never forgive them. The have only one option and that is repentance. They should repent their sins and should start working for Pakistani Christians and Pakistani Christian refugees in foreign lands. We are standing together with Pakistani refugees. We are in contact with our international friends and will keep helping Pakistani refugees.
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    A very odd country Pakistan that applies the Sharia which is a Muslim Law on people who are non Muslim.

    And then howl why other Nation who are secular do not apply the Sharia for Muslims in those countries.

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