Heavy Airlift Aircraft Market To Grow to US$ 100 billion by 2020

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    How much of this demand will be fueled by India ?

    In the next 10 years, the market for heavy airlift aircraft will see tremendous growth as militaries around the world acquire airlift aircraft in large numbers. Tonnage requirements have catapulted as military cargo requirements grow steadily since heavy airlifting of equipment is now the preferred mode of transport.

    Going by the tonnage needs of Air Forces, according to Defenseworld.net research by the end of 2020 the heavy airlift aircraft market will be worth an estimated US$100 billion.

    Future requirements are as follows; the U.S will require 11, 92, 8000 tonnes per cargo flight (TPCF), the UK will require 3,102 TPCF, Germany will need approximately 2,336 TPCF, France’s future procurement will account for approximately 10,500 tonnes TPCF. Meanwhile, Russia has 387 heavy airlift aircraft at its disposal; the total tonnage capacity is approximately 14,000 TPCF and India operates 132 heavylift aircraft with a total tonnage capacity at approximately 1700 TPCF.

    Lockheed Martin’s C130J Super Hercules has proven to be the most popular heavy lift aircraft with 300 aircraft sold worldwide. Competitor Boeing came in second with the sale of its C-17 with 269 aircraft across the world. The Airbus A400M will deliver 145 aircraft in the coming years thus taking third place. Other manufacturers like Italian aircraft maker Alenia Aermacchi and Ilyushin have sold 106 and 227 heavylift aircraft respectively.

    Middle Eastern nations like Qatar (8), UAE (18) and Saudi Arabia (46) have also been inducting heavylift aircraft recently. India will begin taking delivery of 6 C130Js next year taking its heavylift total up to 128 aircraft.

    With growing demand, aircraft makers in Asia and Russia have begun manufacturing their own heavy airlift aircraft.

    Heavy Airlift Market To Grow By Billions — www.defenseworld.net — Readability

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