He teaches Afghan pupils the Queen’s Language

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by Ray, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Here is another story of a helping hand, but with a sensational bleeding heart headline.

    How does it matter if a chap reads the Gita or the Bible?

    Afghans are in a dire straits and if anyone helps them, it is indeed a good thing that is being done. It really does not matter what religion he belongs to. It is only the media and the politicians who love to highlight these aspects. It is true that it gives a feel good feeling, but then it also gives a sense of smug superiority of how noble one community is over the other! That is the danger to the whole issue.

    That said, it is indeed the bounden duty of all to help those in distress and this article shows that there are still people who are wedded in fulfilling their social duties as citizens.

    Afghans have been great friends of India and we have to help them.

    One should never forget Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan , the Red Gandhi, who played a great part in the Independence struggle.
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    These Afghans who grow up and study in the accommodating and varied environs of India studded with diversity, assimilation and reasonable harmony will hopefully take back these views to their homeland.

    Hopefully, this will be far more helpful than the drug running gun-toting insanely fanatic retards being propped up by the Pakis as genuine representatives of the Afghan people.

    Kudos to Tripathi and his ilk and those who brave their lives to make Afghanistan a better place for the future generations.

    Keep up the good work, India.

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