Has Syria built a secret nuclear site?

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    VIENNA: Western intelligence agencies suspect Syria may have built a secret atomic facility near Damascus, a German newspaper said, and a US think-tank suggested it could be linked to a site bombed by Israel in 2007.

    If confirmed, Thursday's report by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung would add to Western fears that the Arab state had engaged in covert nuclear activity prior to the Israeli attack and it may increase pressure for action by the UN nuclear watchdog.

    The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), a Washington-based think-tank , said the operational status of the facility near the town of Marj as Sultan was not known.

    "However, there is suspicion that Syria may have emptied the buildings prior to mid-2008 and taken steps to disguise previous activities at the site," it said in an analysis issued in conjunction with the German newspaper report. Syria has refused to allow UN inspectors to revisit a site destroyed by Israel in 2007, which US intelligence reports said was a North Korean-designed nuclear reactor intended to produce bomb fuel.

    ISIS said the site near may have been linked to the Dair Alzour facility attacked by Israel.


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