Has Independence day turned into a mere holiday ?

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by A.V., Aug 15, 2010.

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    Independence days is round the corner how we know is when u see logos appearing on those news channels and songs start playing on the music channels. Kids enjoy the day more as a school holiday anything, the youth has an offday to engage and the elderly catch a good rest.

    Has india lost the essence of Independence day celebrations, lets discuss with concrete posts as to how you see the day being celebrated 20 years from now?
    what do you want the youth to do more ?
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    I saw changes during my schooling days itself when till primary i used to get 2 laddoos on independence day and republic day.And by the time i reached 12th std those two laddoos changed into 1 candy.Overtime public authorities like school management etc have become too miser to spend on the independence days celebrations.:special21::special21:
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    to some extent (may be 90%) true. hey thats my experince. i don not see any much enthusiasm amongs indian regarding this . i think it has much to do with integration of all parts of india. by every 2 decades we see some part wants freedom or autonomy or bloody hell over politicans jst do fishing in trouble waters (eg=kerala)
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    is a single day really that important? what really matters is what we do for the rest 364 days, essence of a single day was never that important, atleast not for me, birthdays apart which is a party time. 20 years down the line it would be 2030 and i hope to see india coming true to what all has been predicted for us all this time, an economic giant with a significantly important role at the world stage with a decently good standard of living for our people, that is exactly how i want to see india's independence be celebrated 20 years from now.

    as for a single day, which i feel is hardly significant, it is good people get time to relax from their rather hectic schedules or get a chance to head out for a holiday with their loved ones.
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    Independence day is a celebration time as on this day we got freedom from our oppressors and we are free to chart our own future. Expressing oneself in any manner to celebrate our Independence day should be welcomed.

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