Haryana polls: AAP can’t be seen as running away, says Yogendra

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Given the disastrous performance in the General Election after all the hype and hoop la as the sole and serious opposition to the BJP juggernaut and rubbishing the Congress as having been dumped into the political dustbin, Khejriwal seems to have realised that the chickens cannot be counted before they are hatched. Hence, he went by the general advice of consolidating in Delhi, rather than spread AAP too thin all over the country, if not the world. Makes sense.

    On the other hand Yogi is being the Bear. He wants to also wants to be a diva and had set his heart to be the CM of Haryana before the General Election not realising the drubbing he would face, notwithstanding his famed and then faulted psephology skills. He still wants to be the prima donna of Haryana, his home turf. And being the most persuasive of speaker, is spinning new charming logic to force his case. Clever that he is and a good psychologist at that, he is using the 'running away' psychosis that scares the living hell of the AAP, to his advantage.

    Now, who is right in the strategy to reclaim AAP's lost glory?

    Kejriwal, ferociously partaking in khajur to break the fast in this holy month or Yogi the Bear?
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    Personal ambitions are coming to the fore.

    This episode proves that these is a nothing but a coming together of regional leaders having national ambitions. Mr.Kejriwal cannot get votes beyond Delhi and neither can Mr.Yadav tink of getting votes beyond Haryana. The lesser said about the others it is better.

    The intelligent have quit or eyeing a career in films.

    Beyond all this we may see Delhi turning into a arena where AAP will be promising freebies similar to what we have come to expect from parties in TN and other parties will be scrambling to play catch in this dangerous spiral.

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