Hardkor 44

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    Hardkor 44
    The film will be the debut feature from Platige Image, and director Tomek Baginski. Co-produced by the Warsaw Uprising Museum it will be a sci-fi re-imagining of the events of the Warsaw Uprising in World War II and, if the concept art is anything to judge by, it will have healthy steampunk overtones. Surprisingly, given that Platige's most public work - and all of their short films - revolve around their CGI animation, this will be a dominantly live action feature with heavy CG special effects components. And if you're worried about how they can handle this approach, don't be. Though it doesn't get as much press as their animation, Platige also does a ton of digital effects work both in the world of commercials and feature films - they were the effects house primarily responsible for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist - and their work is stellar.
    But on to the main point of this post being bumped forward. New concept art. It's gorgeous.

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