Happy PLA's day !!!! ( with my special request )

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    Within few hours after the brutal earthquake strike Sichuan , China ’s president also the highest military commander, Mr. Hu Jintao, command the nation army, known as PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) to rescue people as soon as possible.

    Thousands of PLA’s soldiers, air forces, navy combined with civilian rescue teamwork rushed to the disaster areas. This is the largest rescue effort in human history. China's great PLA are struggling frantically to rescue survivors with about 50,000 troops in the disaster area.

    This quickly and huge relief effort has win many praises from International community. Compare it with the slow military response when cyclone Nargis strike Myanmar . Compare it with the slow military response when the Katrina hurricane strike America .

    The irony side of the world’s most powerful military force

    Although America is the world’s most powerful military force, it keep spending heavily to upgrade their capability. US military spending accounts almost half of the world's total military spending.

    Recently, American military forces unveiled that they have more than five thousand nuclear missiles. Those quantity of nukes are capable of destroying two earth size planets, change the global climate into winter for thousand years.

    Even a single nuclear bomb can destroy the whole city within seconds. America is the only country on Earth who has dropped atomic bombs to destroy the whole city, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan . A nuclear bomb is thousand times more destructive than an atomic bomb.

    But when facing the frequent forest fires in American cities which have took so many life, the powerful American military can do almost nothing. They can destroy a whole city in seconds, but they are powerless to extinguish “a tiny scale” of frequent forest fires at American cities.

    American military forces can destroy two earth size planets, they have the capability to change the global climate into winter for thousand years, but they are powerless to neutralize “a tiny scale” of storms, tornados, and hurricanes which frequently hit American cities.

    Designed only to destroy life, not to save life

    Advance military forces around the world are developing night-vision gadgets, mainly aimed to launch military attacks at night. But in many cases around the world, those military forces have to suspend their rescue effort at night, due to darkness. Why ?

    Advance military forces around the world are launching military spy satellites, equipped with high resolution camera and other powerful sensor system, aimed to spy other countries. Advance radar has a highly sensitive heat sensor to track enemy’s missiles or aircrafts at the air. Meanwhile, advance sonar at warships are invented to track enemy’s missiles or submarines. Why don’t installed an ultra-sensitive heat sensors, motion sensors, combined with other advance sensors system on the military satellite to track alive people inside the building ruins cause by earthquake ? The distance is too far away to observe from the sky ? Why don’t installed it at military UAVs, which could fly at low altitude ? Why don’t installed advance sensor aimed to track people drowned at the sea ?

    Military commanders around the world may have a perception that saving life is not part of their responsibility. Or probably the frequent nature strikes such earthquakes, storms, sandstorms, tsunamis, and heat waves are considered not their enemies, although they killed many people and cause billions dollars losses for their own national economy.

    A new perspective for global military forces

    Military forces around the world need to reposition themselves, or risked becoming “axis of evil”. They should refocus their target, mainly to save life, not to destroy life. Killing enemies is the last option.

    Advance weaponary should be adjusted to save life, such as to intercept huge hypersonic asteroids heading to Earth, to neutralize storms, tornados, and hurricanes, to extinguish forest fires, oil blasts, chemical blasts, and so on. Advance military spy satellite and other advance radars should be adjusted to save life, such as to track the upcoming earthquakes, tsunamis, tracking alive people in disaster areas, etc.

    Instead of spending billions USD to build missile-shield not only on domestic soil, but also in allies countries such as US missile-shield in Poland, global military forces should start to invent storm-shield or tsunami-shield to save life.

    A lot more advance military equipments to save life should become the main focus of global military forces. A powerful robotic arm, ultra-sensitive life detector, a huge water bomb should be invented.

    An American aircraft carrier has been sent to deliver a massive foodstuffs, and also serve as a floating hospital for thousands of tsunami victims in Indonesia , at 1998. This is a great story in human race history.

    China's great PLA could lead the global military repositioning

    As the most civilized creature on Earth, human should take a big lesson from the “ocean of blood”, cause by numerous wars in mankind history. That war is a lose-lose solution, even for the winner of the war.

    Despite a few country in this world ignored the “ocean of blood” lesson, but the majority country are ready to negotiate a peaceful solution. But the brutal nature strikes don’t leave any space to “negotiate”.

    How often and how long mankind should keep running away and hide (read : evacuate) everytime when enemies or terrorists (read : the frequent natural disasters) strike us brutally ?

    What about the yet unpredictable earthquake which strike many places around the world frequently ? What about the man-made disaster, such as oil blast in Dalian which take so long (15 hours) to extinguish the fires and could harm the ecology for more than a decade ? Or the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico ?

    As one of the most frequent country being attacked by frequent natural disasters, China's great PLA should step up efforts to modernize the army, mainly to save life, not to destroy life.

    It is an undeniable fact that China's great PLA is the world’s No. 1 military forces in term of helping people in disaster areas. Look at how bad the powerful American military forces in term of helping their own people when the Katrina hurricane strike them.

    But there’s a lot of urgent homework for PLA. PLA could lead the global military repositioning. A mighty PLA should be celebrated around the world, because it aims to save life, not destroying life.

    Celebrating today’s August 1 as China's national Army’s Day, billions of Chinese extend our salute and gratitude to our respectable Great PLA Army.

    Happy PLA Day !!!!

    “A pen is mightier than a sword or even an aircraft carrier !!!”. This article aims to promote peace around the world, particulary to save a lot more life in the future than the world’s most mighty aircraft carrier can possibly do, which currently located in the Sea of Japan.
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    This is no place for your CPC/PLA propaganda. Take it elsewhere. Or you can come up with links to foreign media articles that support your "This quickly and huge relief effort has win many praises from International community" bullshit.

    Every nation's army is obliged to serve its civilian population during natural disasters. So it's not like PLA invented the wheel.
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    Happy PLA day!
    Best wishes to the high-flying happy couples!
    I wish them lots of happiness in their new lives and safe flights......







    So who pays for the wedding?
    The couples or the Goverment(people of China)?

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