Haooda's new info commissioner is wife of aide - HC judge’s husband

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jul 24, 2014.

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    None would have bothered and taken it as par for the course even if illegal.

    However, Katju has opened up the can of worms and all these type of shenanigans are under the lens.

    Hoods is well know to be a fraudulent chap who will stoop to any level.

    He knows he is on his way out and so he is packing the posts with his own so that after he goes, he has some smokescreen when his misdeeds get exposed.

    Haryanvis are not known to be very forgiving chaps and so the next CM will surely bay for his blood and Hoodia, it is said, is full of activities that may not pass muster.

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