Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss bank a

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    Gurudas Dasgupta moves privilege notice against A-G in Parliament
    Gurudas Dasgupta moves privilege notice against A-G in Parliament

    New Delhi: Hitting back at Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati for sending him a legal notice, CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta on Tuesday moved a privilege notice against the Attorney General in Parliament.

    Vahanvati had sent a legal notice to Dasgupta after the CPI leader in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alleged that the Attorney General had illegal Swiss bank accounts.

    In his letter, the CPI leader had asked the Prime Minister to dismiss the Attorney General.
    Here is that Letter . Source Twitter TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

    My dear Prime Minister, August
    9, 2013

    As a senior Member of Parliament I have been provided with a
    piece of sensitive information. This is about corruption and malpractices in
    high places. In my commitment to fight corruption as I did always in the past,
    I have decided to pass it on to you to belief that truthfulness of my
    information will be appropriately done by competent state machinery. In the
    national interest I seek to perform this duty.

    The complaint is against present Attorney General of India,
    Mr.GE Vahanvati, who is always duty bound to maintain high standard of morality
    and propriety.

    According to the information provided to me Mr.Vahanvati
    opened an account with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in a particular branch
    in Singapore. This was never disclosed by him. This was done by Vahanvati in
    1997, as and when he was Advocate General of Maharashtra. I am told that till
    2007, huge of foreign currency was deposited frequently in his account. It
    might be in hundreds of crores.

    Suddenly in 2007, huge amount of money was transferred to
    the account of his daughter Sholeen Carrimjee in the same branch of the same

    The details are as follows:

    1. Beneficiary - GE Vahanvati
    2. Code Name: E. Tajbhoy Vahanvati
    3. Account Code: 569797 HL
    4. Account handled by : U Bucher (now retired)
    5. Bank's Name : Union Bank of Switzerland - Branch in
    6. Daughter Ms.Sholeen Carrimjee is a British Citizen.
    7. Husband Tariq Carrimjee is also a British Citizen.
    8. The Code Name used by the Attorney General is incidentally
    his grandfather's name, which is a Secret Code to be used for each and every transaction.

    I am shocked to learn this explosive and concrete
    information of huge black money deposit by Mr.Vahanvati was available with our
    agencies like CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax and FIU for the past two
    years. Our agencies were alerted by Financial Service Authority (FSA) of United
    Kingdom and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), way back in 2011 in
    connection with these agencies probe against the suspected money laundering
    activities of Vahanvati's son-law Tariq Carrimjee, who is based in London,
    having British passport. He recently shifted his base to Dubai.

    But unfortunately the Indian agencies were asked not to act
    on this specific information by the high and mighty in our political system.

    Mr.Vahanvati's son-in-law Tariq Carrimjee came into the
    radar of agencies in UK, after they suspected illegal trading activities and
    money laundering by him in London Stock Exchange in late 2009. The UK agencies found money trail to his
    accounts from his wife Sholeen Carrimjee's account in UBS's particular branch
    in Singapore. The inputs given by the counter parts in Singapore, the UK
    agencies found that Ms.Sholeen's funds were originated from her father
    Vahanvati's account maintained in the same branch.

    As Vahanvati is an Indian citizen, both Singapore and UK
    agencies have alerted the huge volume of money to Indian authorities, following
    the principles of the International practices on curbing the money laundering
    and illegal activities. More shocking was according to the information passed
    from UK authorities, Mr.Tariq Carrimjee is holding an asset in the form of a
    house in 2G scam case accused Shahid Balwa's real estate company DB Realty's
    site in Prabhadevi site, Mumbai. Attorney General's controversial legal
    opinions in protecting Mr.Shahid Balwa's Swan Telecom genuinely provides doubt
    and this real estate deal should be taken for consideration for probe by CBI
    team investigating 2G Scam. It should be probed to check whether these is a
    quid-pro-quo angle.

    Deriving benefit fully or party from the transfer of money
    they received, transferred from the account of Vahanvati, they started
    business. They set up three companies in UK - Somerset Asset Management LLP,
    Somerset Equities Limited and Atlas Minerals Limited.

    Mr.Tariq's name figured in the recent expose of 10000
    persons having bank accounts in tax havens by International Consortium of
    Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). According to ICIJ, where the information is
    available in public domain for the past three years, Mr.Tariq is having
    accounts in Banks operating from British Virgin Islands and operating a
    financial service company called Fast Tycoon Limited. This is a common
    knowledge in India also. But the link could not be established that he was
    son-in-law of Mr.Vahanvati.

    Here the big question is how come huge money of hundreds
    crores landed in the UBS's branch in Singapore in the name of Mr.GE Vahanvati,
    the Attorney General of India. Why people were paying money to Vahanvati, which
    ultimately found in foreign account? Why people are obliging him? What was the
    consideration? We have to find - from which sources and for what purpose
    millions of dollars were deposited in this particular account from 1997. This
    can be a tip of the iceberg. And why Indian agencies were not acting on this
    shocking, concrete, point blank information received from their counter parts
    in UK and Singapore? Who blocks from them acting?

    It is an irony that huge stache of black money was found in
    the foreign bank account in the name of GE Vahanvati, the Attorney General of
    India, who leads the case in Supreme Court for Government of India on
    retrieving the black money related cases.

    I hereby request you to immediately order to our
    investigation agencies like CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax and
    Financial Intelligence Unit to get in touch with authorities of Union Bank of
    Switzerland and government and legal authorities in Singapore to get the
    details of the bank account in the name of Mr.G.E. Vahanvati, the Attorney
    General of India to find truth in the interest of justice.

    Again I am reiterating that I am passing this information to
    you while performing my duty as a Member of Parliament to protect the national
    interest and to fight black money and money laundering. Kindly find out if my
    information is alright.

    Yours sincerely

    Gurudas Dasgupta

    Dr.Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India
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    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    wow .where did you get this letter
    why is bjp silent on this matter??
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    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    Mere Bharat Mahaan. Do you have anything to say about this Mr. Clean PM? Saaf chavi my foot. The man knows everything that is happening around, but is unable to do anything. He needs to be brought to books once he is out of office.
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    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    I have a strong feeling that our PM is no honest man and his family and friends are also involved in the loot of the country, this is the only reason he so shamelessly sticking to the post of PM!
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    Forget It....Trace my IP if you can
    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    Nice expose but no harm is ever going to come anyone's way & the loot would go on unimpeded.
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    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    Tennis Academy wishes you best of luck for future. hope we hear a lot from you again

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    Re: Gurudas Dasgupta letter to PM on Attorney General illegal Swiss ba

    This has not been reported in the news, except the Dasgupta has raised a Breach of Privilege against Vahanavati.

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