Gung ho posture by India (enjoy it)

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    Gung ho posture by India

    By Azam Khalil | Published: October 21, 2010
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    “War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity; it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it.”
    –Martin Luther
    There is no doubt that senior Indian officials still continue to follow a belligerent attitude against Pakistan.
    First, it was Indian Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor, who propounded the theory of surgical strikes against the so-called training camps or safe havens of the extremists in Pakistan. However, it was snubbed by the Indian leadership, and was widely assumed that the General had taken one too many kicks to the head that led to his outburst against Pakistan.
    In this backdrop, recently the present Indian Army Chief has expressed serious concern over the presumable threat posed to India’s security by both Pakistan and China. This statement was issued just a few days before the Pak-US Strategic Dialogue were to take place - that was expected to envelope all the security issues in the region and Pakistan’s effort in the war on terror - in order to subvert our efforts to acquire the much needed weapons for the Pakistani security forces not only to defeat insurgency that was raging in certain parts of the country, but also to deter any aggressive design by the Indian military.
    It is a fact that India has embarked on a massive spending spree not only to modernise its army, but also to expand its air force to a level where, according to its officials, it could play a dominant role in South Asia. Indeed, it is no joke that the Indians have increased their defence budget by an alarming 43 percent and are still in the process of adding armaments to their already lethal arsenal, which it could use to blackmail its regional neighbours.
    Furthermore, while the Indians may harbour certain designs against the Chinese, but they know that in case its military tries any adventure against China, it would be equivalent to committing suicide the Indians security forces. It could also result in a serious blow to the Indian economy. So, the only concern that the Indian leadership could arouse - before the Strategic Dialogue began - was from Pakistan, as the two countries have a history of hostility and aggression that has been repeatedly committed by successive Indian governments against Pakistan. More so, in a recent statement Mani Shankar, a senior Indian diplomat and a leader of the ruling Congress Party, while talking to the New York Times, has boasted that the Indian army can defeat Pakistan within three weeks. But he also claimed that the race for nuclear weapons by India has weakened the traditional capability of its army, which must be boosted so that it can fulfil its hegemonic designs in the region. Undoubtedly, this statement must be considered as a representative voice of the present Indian government, as well as its military. It would, therefore, be better for Pakistan to continue its effort to modernise its nuclear arsenal, and put in place a weaponry system that has the capability to beat the pulp out of the Indians in case they dare to test their military muscle against us.
    It is well known that Pakistan is ahead of India by 15 to 20 years as far as the nuclear missile programme is concerned, and that it has a potent capability to respond even if it is subjected to a nuclear strike by the Indians. Hence, this forced the Indian leadership to fall in USA’s lap and compromise its nuclear programme in return for American technology, which the Indians believe that it will allow them to achieve parity in the field of nuclear weapons with Pakistan. :happy_2:
    Above all, it is the responsibility of our government to make it clear to the Indian administration, and its supporters in the West, that if India thinks it can defeat Pakistan in three weeks or months, Pakistan will respond with full force which would ensure the total destruction of the Indian military infrastructure and its economy. But as it is sheer madness to think about a nuclear war between the two neighbouring countries, it is equally important that the Indians are made to understand that Pakistan will not hesitate to use its strategic weapons in case the India decides to follow the path of self-destruction. Certainly, the statement of the Congress leader should be enough to open the eyes of the US administration that is now asking Pakistan to open another front in North Waziristan, so that NATO troops can comfortably fight the Afghanistan war.
    The US is aware of the fact that action by the Pakistan army in North Waziristan will be quite a treacherous affair, which can only be carried out if our economy improves dramatically, especially after the hit it has taken due to the unprecedented floods. In addition, Pak army would require uninterrupted supply of weapons that could play a vital role if the insurgents are to be defeated quickly in North Waziristan. But it would not be proper, if the US makes a half-hearted attempt to supply the much needed arms and ammunition to the Pakistani forces. One would, therefore, expect that the Pakistani representatives would be able to successfully negotiate terms and conditions that will not only help to stabilise Pakistan’s economy, but would also result in the provision of weapons that will allow our brave soldiers to win yet another war against the insurgents.
    Pakistanis should also make it clear to the US administration that they must use their influence to find a respectable solution for the Kashmir dispute, and make it clear to the Indians that they must stop financing and training insurgents in Balochistan. Because unless the Indians adhere to the internationally accepted norms of good behaviour, it will not be possible for the US and the western world to achieve anything worthwhile as far as their strategic interests for this important region are concerned.
    The writer is a freelance columnist.
    Email: [email protected]
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    What is this guy smoking?. The nukes that Pakistan possess are not even of their own but are Chinese nuke copies. The missiles are also paint job of NoKo and Chinese missiles. Some one should knock some sense into this guy or perhaps the whole deluded nation called Pakistan.
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    guys r u leceturing ,consuming ganga or something ,i know plenty of these things are avaliable in pakistan.
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    Look who is talking. Those who started 4 wars with India.

    It is to proactively counter China, just as Pakistan does everything under the sun to counter India.

    We can say the same about Chinese hegemonic ways to justify our expenditure. Are you the only one to have the right to feel threatened?

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    The nation is a terrorist newspaper, and it is always the first to give out such statements and views. Morons.

    Reading such articles makes me delighted with each peril their nation is subjected to, and each time terrorists like the editors of nation squirm and moan.
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    whenever i see such crap..i just check who posted it...then i just skip over to some other thread..
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    After seeing the title ,i guessed it ,this could be from ajtr, and it is from her!!!! AoA!!!!
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    HAHAHAHAAA! Wow! This is even better than Rupee News! :rotfl:

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