Gun battle in Dhaka

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    Foreigners must take blame for terror attacks: Bangladesh PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Thursday that foreigners were patronising terrorists in Bangladesh. So they must take the blame for the killings in terror attacks.

    The Prime Minister said this while talking to media after exchanging Eid greetings with a cross section of people, party leaders and workers and professionals at her official residence Gonobhaban here.She also urged parents and guardians to inform the law enforcement agencies about missing of their any college or university going children.She also said the government would extend all possible support including technological help to trace them and come back home.

    She asked the authorities of the colleges and universities to inform the police about the students who remained absent from their classes for a long time.The guardians may keep their identity secrete while disclosing the names of their children, she said. "I urge the guardians to take steps to bring back their missing sons home. We will give them all cooperation to find their missing boys and for their treatment, if necessary," she said adding that "we want to say clearly that Bangladesh is not be a place for militants and terrorists."

    Pointing out the last week's Gulshan terror attack, the Prime Minister said they are maligning Islam through conducting such heinous acts in the name of religion. Nothing could be more atrocious like killing people in the name of Islam, she said.

    "What kind of Islamic virtues they belong to as they go to kill people instead of offering their prayers at prayers time, carry out suicidal bomb attack in the Masjid-un-nabi," she asked saying 'actually they are foes of Islam."

    Sheikh Hasina said the bigots claimed to be devoted to executing the Sharia law and oppose all manmade laws. So why they are using manmade weapons, bombs, clothes and technologies for achieve their goal, she asked?

    Terming Islam as a religion of peace and fraternity, the Prime Minister said Islam doesn't allow killing of any innocent people even they belong to other religions. The almighty is the final adjudicator and he never bestowed the responsibility on others.-Asfar/AR.
    She simply means Pakistan the Terrorist State behind Dhaka attack.

    Pakis are behind almost every Terror attack and recently Paki was the suicide bomber who even didn't spare Prophet Mosque in Arabia.

    Our esteemed Terrorist Paki Panel: @Neo @Raja.pakistani @Zarvan @musalman @Zulfiqar Khan

    BD PM says Pakistan is behind the attack.

    You Pakis are doing terrorism everywhere.Now even Muslim countries HATE you.

    Sale Aatankwadi kahin ke.... lanat hai Pakistan pe.
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    The Pakis and Americans are already involved in saudi .. those days are gone. The Saudis are left exposed along with turkey that they are nothing but stooges of US.

    Now since Saudi itself is hit by their own people. It means that breakage has started. And The consensus among Muslims is not similar and united. This is the right time you secure national interests.

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