Gujarat to get India’s first marine police academy

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    India is S set to get its first national marine police academy
    in Gujarat. The state government is in talks with the Centre, besides the navy
    and the coast guard, for this.

    The academy will provide a coastal safety force from the
    current pool of police officers and will also educate fisher folk in
    identifying threats in their localities and working in tandem with the security

    MPs from the state and the government had requested
    permission from the Union home ministry to set up a marine police academy,
    considering Gujarat has a 1,600 km coastline — the longest in India.

    The home ministry has shown keen interest in the proposal
    and is currently considering it.

    The state government has already set up two marine commando
    units, besides 10 marine police stations at Jamnagar, Porbandar, Surat and
    other coastal districts.

    A home ministry official said: “ We have approved a grant
    for 12 (in addition of the existing 10) police stations at various coastal
    locations. Also, 31 mechanised 12- tonne boats have been sanctioned for the
    state.” On the police academy, the official said: “ Gujarat desperately needs a
    marine police academy to develop a force which is capable of guarding the
    coastal areas of the state and the nation.

    At present, no such manpower is available anywhere in India
    except with the navy.” The source added: “The academy will not only train
    police officers but also the technical staff, who will be taught all about boat
    operations and maintenance, using and maintaining surveillance equipment, etc.

    The academy will also train the local fishing community,
    which can help keep an eye out for suspicious activities in the sea or on the
    coastline.” The need for such an institution was highlighted after the 26/ 11
    attack in 2008. The 10 terrorists had come via the Gujarat coast in a boat from

    They had reached Mumbai after looting the fishing boat, MV
    Kuber, near Porbandar. Besides, the Gujarat coast was also used for smuggling
    weapons used in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.
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    we need more people like modi to safeguard our nation against both external and internal threat
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    Thats per sure. we need to have a some more CM's who could develop their states soon......
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    That's a great move. But I think marine police should be trained a bit by Coast Guard and the MARCOs, in case of an unlikely event like 26/11 to occur. There should also be something like an agreement between marine police and ICG to work in tandem arrangement. Also, all the states that have sea coasts should get this sort of a state marine police training academy ASAP. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa,Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Odisha, West Bengal all need to have at least one centrally specialist marine academy.

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