Gujarat to Get Asia's First Ballistic Research Centre

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    Gujarat to Get Asia's First Ballistic Research Centre

    All India | Press Trust of India | Updated: September 01, 2014 11:24 IST

    Gandhinagar: India is all set to achieve self-reliance in testing of armoured vehicles, as Asia's first Ballistic Research Centre will soon be functioning at Gujarat Forensic Science University (GFSU).

    "A Ballistic Research Centre will be set up in GFSU to test bullet-proof armoured vehicles as big as trucks. This would be the first-of-its-kind centre in Asia," GFSU's Director General J M Vyas told PTI.

    Till now, the armoured vehicles from India are sent to countries like the UK, USA and France for testing.

    "India will become self-reliant in the testing of armoured vehicles as our manufacturers will not need to send their vehicles to these countries in which crores of rupees are spent on transportation and testing," Vyas said.

    The FSL in Gujarat was so far able to conduct testing of only bulletproof jackets, helmets and bulletproof plates, but with this new venture the entire armoured vehicle can be tested successfully, Mr Vyas said.

    The Ballistic Research Centre will conduct tests for armoured vehicles of the Indian Army and also provide services to private players who supply vehicles to the VIPs.

    "We have already set up the entire infrastructure for the centre, which will start functioning in a month or two. The project cost is estimated around Rs. six crore," he said.

    The centre will also provide services to other countries. "As this is the first ballistic research centre in India, we are open to provide services to other countries also, including our neighbours," Mr Vyas said.

    The tests include firing on armoured vehicles from different firearms, like a small pistol to AK 47 and Insas rifles, he said.

    The centre will adopt a method in which manufacturers can witness their armoured vehicles being tested, he said.

    "Manufacturers can see their vehicles being tested as it would be done in a room of transparent glasses...the manufacturer will get to know whether his project has been passed or not," Mr Vyas said.

    The centre will be sound-proof in which fire-arms are set from which bullets will be fired on vehicles, he said.

    After the test, the officials will check whether there is any penetration in the vehicles or not and will issue a certificate accordingly, he added.

    Story First Published: September 01, 2014 11:18 IST
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    I would like to see India developing something like S-400 indigenously, as China is in talks with Russia to get there hands on S-400......

    I like to see that India calls back all the Indian scientists in other countries to work for India and develop India rather than working for the WEST and AMERICANS........
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    Asia's first?

    China has had a ballistic testing center near Zhengzhou for decades...
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    That's great for you.

    I do not care whether we are first in Asia or last, but India is going to have a Ballistic Research Centre is good news for me.

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