Gujarat passes anti-terror bill, rejects President's suggestions

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    Gujarat passes anti-terror bill, rejects President's suggestions

    NEW DELHI: Gujarat assembly on Tuesday passed the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (GUJCOC) bill, rejecting suggestions by President Pratibha
    Patil to modify it.

    "The government will introduce the bill in the ongoing session of the house," state government spokesperson and Health Minister Jaynarayan Vyas had said on July 16.

    The GUJCOC bill, which was passed by state assembly in 2004, was returned by the President on the advice from the Union Cabinet.

    While returning the bill, which had been awaiting the Centre's decision for about four years, the President had suggested some changes, which the state government has rejected.

    "We will reintroduce the bill in the assembly as it is without making changes in any of its provision," a senior official in the state home department had said on July 16.

    The official further said the bill will be passed by the assembly and would be subsequently sent for presidential nod.

    Gujarat government's contention on GUJCOC has been that it is almost similar to Maharashtra's law MCOCA and therefore should be approved by the central government.

    However, the UPA government had contended that the bill has some provisions similar to those in now-defunct POTA, enacted during NDA rule, and therefore cannot be given the nod.

    One of the provisions the central government had objected to is that a confession before a senior police official should be taken as evidence against the accused.
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    What changes??
    What features does the Bill has?

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