Gujarat assembly now a crorepati club

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    AHMEDABAD: The 13th Gujarat assembly, which is meeting for the first time on Tuesday, is the No. 1 crorepati club. While the present Lok Sabha has 58 per cent crorepati MPs and the Rajya Sabha 65 per cent, the state assembly has 74 per cent, or 134 of the 182 MLAs have assets of Rs 1 crore or more. The last state assembly constituted in 2007, had only 31 per cent crorepatis.Data compiled by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) shows a sharply increasing trend across the country in terms of the wealth of legislators.Out of 182 elected members, 46 are businessmen and 16 builders and real estate dealers. Unofficially, it is believed that almost 2/3rd of the MLAs are involved in the realty business though only a few ministers like Babubhai Bokhiria and Parshottam Solanki have admitted it on record.The higher the assets, the more were the chances of a candidate winning the recent elections. As many as 51 per cent of the candidates who declared assets of more than Rs 5 crore and above have won. Almost 31 per cent candidates who declared assets of between Rs 1-5 crore were elected. Only 10 per cent candidates who declared assets of less than Rs 20 lakh could win.This obviously means that the election results seemed to be highly influenced by the money power of candidates. Of the 99 legislators who were re-elected to the Gujarat assembly, 42 crorepati MLAs have declared Rs 2 crore-plus increase in assets since 2007.The average increase in the assets of 65 re-elected BJP MLAs in the last five years was around 177 per cent. The party MLAs' average assets increased by over Rs 4.66 crore — from over Rs 2.62 crore in 2007 to over Rs 7.28 crore in 2012.In the case of 33 re-elected Congress MLAs, average increase in the assets was 412 per cent. Overall, Congress MLAs' average assets increased by around Rs 5.94 crore — from over Rs 1.44 crore in 2007 to over Rs 7.39 crore in 2012.Out of the 115 BJP MLAs, 86 (75 per cent) are crorepatis. Of the 60 Congress MLAs, 43 (73 per cent) are crorepatis.
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