Gujarat 15th most prosperous state in the World

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    Legatum Institute’s Global Prosperity Index 2012 has recognised Gujarat as the highest-scoring among all States of India on matters of social capital. The State ranks 15th in a list of 142 nations worldwide and actually ranks higher than several developed nations.

    The index evaluates the strength of ‘social cohesion and engagement, as well as community family networks in a society’. Social capital has been found to be one of the most important components of prosperity. It is indicative of strong ties among citizenry, trust, and engagement.

    The London-based independent public policy organisation’s index covers 96 per cent of the world’s population and 99 per cent of global GDP. The nations surveyed are classified into eight categories — economy, education, entrepreneurship and opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety and security, and social capital.

    Curiously enough, the report places India as a whole on the 138th position. “India ranks 138th globally in the Social Capital sub-index. Within India, the states of Gujarat and Uttarakhand have the highest social capital scores and would rank 15th and 18th, globally, in this sub-index, next to Germany and Belgium, respectively. In the state of Gujarat, 77% of respondents can rely on friends and family for help and 51% have donated money to a charity.” (Source:

    Recently, Asia’s leading brokerage firm CLSA lauded the development in Gujarat under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, considering it as being among the fastest growing states. The CLSA noted that the Gujarat growth model is sustainable and both agriculture and industry are thriving in Gujarat. The report also applauded Gujarat for improved governance in the past decade including very visible growth in various sectors including literacy, PCI and drinking water facilities.

    Gujarat is 15th most prosperous State worldwide | Niti Central
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