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    GSLV Mark I

    Here is a brief description of GSLV Mark I. This thread is being created because threads exist for its later counterparts. As much as it is of less interest, I have put together some data.

    GSLV Mk I (a)
    This variant had a 125 t (S-125) first stage and was capable of launching 1500 kg into geostationary transfer orbit. This is retired.
    GSLV Mk I (b)
    This variant had 139 t (S-139) first stage and improved fuel in the strap-on boosters & second stage. This variant can launch 1900 kg into geostationary transfer orbit.
    GSLV Mk I (c)
    This variant has a 15 tonne third stage. GSLV-F06 (flight 6) is the only attempted launch of the Mark I(c) version to date.

    This is essentially the ones with Russian cryo-stage. The latter Mark I has Indian cryo-stage.

    Source: I'Am The INDIAN: Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle{GSLV}


    Here is a 7 year old answer that I found very educative:

    Source: What is the difference between pslv and gslv? - Yahoo Answers
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