Growth swig with Carlsberg

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    Growth swig with Carlsberg

    Patna, Oct. 22: The state cabinet today gave its nod to Danish beer major Carlsberg’s proposal to set up a brewery.

    “According to the proposal of Gurgaon-based beer major M/s Carlsberg India Pvt Ltd, which was cleared by the cabinet today, the company would set up its unit at Bikram (65km southwest of Patna) entailing an investment of Rs 140 crore,” cabinet secretary Brajesh Mehrotra told reporters.

    The brewery, Carlsberg’s first in Bihar and seventh in the country, would have a capacity of producing 10 lakh hectolitres. [One hectolitre - HL - is equal to 100 litres]

    The Telegraph had reported on October 31, 2012, of the company’s intent to set up a brewery in the state.

    The Danish company’s unit would be the second beer brewing facility in Bihar after the Bihta plant of Molson Coors Cobra. Cobra started production in February 2012.

    Carlsberg has purchased 22.5 acres of land at Bikram on its own, an official press note said.

    The government has made it clear that industrialists wishing to invest in the state would have to get their own land.

    Carlsberg would require 2,000 kilowatt of power and 2,000 cubic metre of water per day to run the plant. The company would provide direct employment to around 600 skilled and unskilled persons, the press note said.

    Brewing would begin within 12 months of getting the required licence. The company proposes to purchase raw materials such as malt from either Europe or from the local market while hops, another ingredient used by breweries, would be imported from Europe. Hops, the flower of the hop plant primarily cultivated in Europe in Germany and the Czech Republic, is added to the beer to give it a tangy flavour.

    The company had told The Telegraph last year that all brands produced by Carlsberg India — Carlsberg, Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Strong and Palone 8 — would be brewed at Bikram.

    Industry is happy at the move but said the government should also keep the interests of local farmers in mind.

    “The government should find out ways in which these companies would consume raw materials produced by the state’s farmers,” said industrialist Satyajit Kumar.

    Growth swig with Carlsberg


    Good news for the guzzlers.

    All its Brands will not flow down and even compete with the Ganges, I presume!

    Good way to bring in investments!
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    Years ago I got a tour of the Tuborg brewery in Denmark.

    The had seven or eight different brews and we tried every one :drunk:
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    I stayed in a small town in Germany, Meckesheim and the Hotel had it's own small brewery.

    Every evening we would sit down and sample from the light yellow to the dark chocolate colour beer. Best 4 days in Germany.
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    I grew up and lives a few hundred meters from the old Carlsberg brewery here in Copenhagen. As a young brat I was over the fence a few times after free beer ;-) Many of my childhood friends families work there, so we never lacked lemonade or beer. Until 20-25 years ago where Carlsberg stopped giving free beer to their employees due to health and addiction problems were better understood and a general shift in drinking culture in Denmark . When I was a kid it was not unusual that a work of all subjects drank 10 beers during a working day . It would be unthinkable today where most jobs have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol. Carlsberg helped to make this change in our society even though it cost them sales of beer. Their soft drink sales increased in step with their beer sales declined , so I do not know how much money they lost in the end. But a good company that here in Denmark are known to have high ideals and most importantly, make good beer.
    And I am all for cooperation between India and Denmark! [​IMG]
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    My poison of choice are Kingfisher and Cobra beer, I'll choose these two over any other beers any day of the week. :yo:
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    Budweiser all the way. :drunk: :cool:

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