Groups linked to al-Qaida could provoke India-Pak war: Gates

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by Yusuf, Jan 20, 2010.

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    My take on this statement that we have heard even before is that the US cant to sh!t about Pakistan continuing to sponsor terrorism against India and it just wants to create and alibi for Pakistan in advance.
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    Apr 5, 2009
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    The US might have intel on an impending strike and that's why they are making such statements. Indian intelligence and security agencies should be on their toes to prevent any such mishaps. If there some thing happens like le, as Robert Gates said, India will, hopefully, unleash mayhem on Pakistan and its army.
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    Oct 2, 2009
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    firstly terror attacks perpetrated in india is not done by Al-qaida or taliban but by the pak army/govt and their terror assets like L-E-T and JEM.
    secondly,robert gates wants to draw india into afghanistan quagmire and wish to make it af-pak-ind triangle.people must be aware that america/uk/pak cleverly tried to link kashmir and afghanistan problem and david milliband shamelessly tried to blame mumbai attack on india due to kashmir problem.
    thirdly, by saying that al-qaida wants to flare war between india and pak robert gates want to make al-qaida responsible for all the future terror attacks of pak army/govt theirby making alqaida as sacrificial goat and saving its munna ally from any blame like how they did in 1993 mumbai bomb blast case by destroying all evidences by india against pak.

    fourthly,india has ability to reply pak in same coin but only for the usa's presence it was held up in 2002/2008.

    fifthly,india can easily handle pak but only for the usa presence which always spoils indias reply by restraining india.

    bottom line is----pak is only symptom disease is paks friends saudi,china,usa uk.

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