Greece raising concern about Turkey with US

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    WASHINGTON - Greece is raising concern with the United States about Turkey's growing assertiveness.

    In discussions with U.S. defence officials Thursday, Deputy Defence Minister Panos Beglitis planned to highlight incidents of what Greece sees as violations of its airspace and territorial waters by Turkish forces.

    In an interview, Beglitis stressed that his government is looking to deepen co-operation with Turkey. But it is concerned about Turkey's rising power.

    "I wonder if my American friends understand the situation," he said.

    The mixed message on Turkey comes from the government of Prime Minister George Papandreou, whose diplomacy in an earlier stint as foreign minister led to a dramatic improvement in relations with Ankara after decades of mistrust and conflict. But Turkey's rise in economic and military power is changing the dynamic.

    "They want to play a wider political role in the region," Beglitis said. "It is a profound transformation."

    Beglitis said his country is also working to deepen ties with Israel and improve defenceco-operation. The outreach comes at a time of heightened friction between Israel and Turkey. Beglitis was also meeting with members of the American Jewish Committee, while in Washington.
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    I wonder why Turkey is going Pakistani way in terms of trying to bring back a dead Ottoman empire.. Growth is welcomed but it is disturbingly showing the same characteristics that China is showing us.

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