Greece Funda as per my Analysis

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    1. Greece GDP crashed 25-28% in Last 5 years.

    2 - Greece Currency was sharply dropped in comparison to other currency.

    3- 2.6% was the interest on the total borrowing.

    4- Tourism is the one of the major source of revenue for the country,due to sharp fall in the currency leads to less revenue generation.

    5 - But expense was the same.which created the gap and leads to worst situation.

    6- Domestic wages and unemployment wage are also very high.

    7- People are getting handsome pension and good unemployment wages which made people more lethargic.

    8- So Expense was @ the same height but revenue were declining leads to worst situation in Greece. AND @ last "Default at National level" .

    Note - Greece economy as equal to Gujarat+Haryana, but the Problem for the World or IMF or EU is not about the loan but a Country is defaulting Loan at national level might lead to crash into Financial System in the World. Tomorrow we may see Portugal or Spain in same situation.

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