Govt to Unveil Long-Term Plan of Armed Forces

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    Bangalore | Govt to Unveil Long-Term Plan of Armed Forces

    Government would shortly unveil the Armed Forces Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan reflecting their 15-year operational requirements, a key Defence official said here today.

    "....Shortly you will have Armed Forces Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan in public domain", Vice-Admiral Shekhar Sinha, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) said at an international conference on electronic warfare (EW).

    "Perspective Plan of the Armed Forces is likely to be approved by the Government very shortly", he told reporters later. "It (the Plan) will be put on MoD (Ministry of Defence) website".

    The Plan would give an idea to the industries vis-a-vis requirements of the Armed Forces for the next 15 years so that they can act accordingly in areas such as joint venture, investment, research and development, the Vice-Admiral said.

    Acknowledging that the demand-supply gap is an issue and the process -- from conceptualisation to actual delivery of products -- takes "a little longer time", he said there is need to involve and encourage private industry and "widen the capacity of the industry".

    But Vice-Admiral Sinha said the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) would have to develop niche technologies as "nobody will give it to us".

    Addressing the conference, he referred to "long-gestation period" between Research and Development, limited production capacity vis-a-vis users' (armed forces) necessity for military operations. "This calls for introspection".

    "The process (from conceptualisation of EW products to final delivery) is unduly long leading to obsolescence by the time of induction", the Vice-Admiral said.

    He said product support remains inadequate and dependence on sub-systems import and procurement of sub-systems from different sub-contractors pose a challenge.

    Bangalore-headquartered Bharat Electronics Ltd is the prime production agency for EW products in India.

    The Vice-Admiral said, "The growing demand of users (armed forces) must be met if we need to have edge over our adversaries".

    "Economic growth of India has allowed corporate players to undertake unconventional business challenges. We must identify credible corporate houses who can play a role in speedy and quality delivery of EW systems", he said, adding, this process needs careful approach keeping confidentiality in mind.

    He said private industry should be encouraged in joint design and development and users need to be kept in the loop from the time of conceptualisation.

    While the DRDO and production agencies have contributed a great deal in the field of EW, there is a need to fill the gap of demand and supply in terms of time-frame, quality and quantity, the Vice-Admiral added.
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    So, should we expect the implementation of the proposed post 62 reforms or is it just related to the EW capabilities? I am confused.

    Note: Post 62, a 64 squadron air force and a 54 capital ship navy were proposed. However, these expansion plans were disrupted by the 1965 war and the subsequent downturn in the Indian economy in the decade of the late 1960s.
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    Our short term plans take a very long time to implement... i wonder how long would our long term plans take to implement :hmm:
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    This is excellent news!

    Cant wait to read the plan once it comes out. I also expect major companies (PSUs/Private) to raise massive funds from market in coming 3-4yrs.

    This will be the key to domestic players who otherwise complain of no information about potential requirement of armed forces. Now that an integrated plan will come up highlighting requirements of next 15yrs, it will give much needed boost to R&D. These divisions will have clear product goal in their mind, it not only synergises multilateral process but also scores big on efficiency.
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    Govt has scuttled VK Singh's innovations, what can silly imbecilic bureaucrats and clueless Ministers unveil?
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    The Republic of India
    One wonders if the unveiling of the plan itself will be hit by delays as is characteristic of anything concerning Indian defence. Still, this is a great news indeed.

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