Govt bans import of Chinese mobiles, dairy products, toys

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    Good news everyone!


    NEW DELHI: The government on Wednesday put quality restrictions on mobile phones, dairy products and toys in a measure aimed mainly to block
    their imports from China and which may trigger another round of wrangling at the WTO between two of Asia's biggest economies.

    The Directorate-General of Foreign Trade said mobile handsets without the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, which helps authorities to track the sale and use of the phones, cannot be imported from now on. An estimated eight lakh such phones come into the country every month from China. These are unbranded and cost a lot less than the branded variety.

    Security agencies had raised concern over the use of these phones, many of which, they said, were being used by terrorists to set off bombs and communicate among themselves. Since these sets do not have the 15-digit IMEI number, or cloned numbers, the authorities find it difficult to track the sale or usage. Approximately 30 million such phones are in use at present.

    On June 11, TOI had first reported that import of such phones was yet to be banned as neither the home ministry nor the telecom industry had written to the commerce ministry on the issue.

    The DGFT also banned till January 2010 the import of toys that do not meet international safety standards and norms. This move too will hit imports of toys mainly from China and several other countries. India had blocked import of toys from China in January on health grounds, after concerns over their safety were raised in developed markets. But the restriction was eased later after Beijing questioned the restrictions on the ground that New Delhi did not put such curbs on toys from other countries.

    The ban, however, will not be applicable to toys that come with a certificate from laboratories accredited to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The volume-driven, price-competitive Chinese toys are estimated to have a 70% share in the global toy market. The domestic market is estimated at Rs 2,500 crore.

    Import of milk and milk products were banned earlier in September last year to ward off entry of these items, contaminated with deadly whitener. The ban was to expire on June 24. Melamine, used for making plastics and fertiliser, was found in infant milk and other dairy products of several Chinese firms. The dangerous chemical can cause kidney stones as well as failure of the organ.

    More than a dozen countries in Asia and Africa had also banned milk and dairy product imports from China, while several others had recalled the products suspected to be contaminated. India, world's largest milk producer, does not import milk products from China. The ban is being seen as a preventive measure.

    Meanwhile, the government has asked its missions in the African region to step up vigil against bootlegged drugs being sent to those markets with fake `Made in India' tag. The commerce department last week lodged a complaint with the Chinese embassy here and the Indian embassy in Beijing and sought action against the impostors.

    The Indian action comes after Nigeria's pharma regulator reported the detention of a large consignment of fake drugs for treating malaria. The consignment carried `Made in India' labels but was produced in China. A laboratory test of a recent consignment of anti-malaria drugs Maloxine and Amalar tablets proved these were fake. Had the drugs flowed into the market, about 642,000 lives would have been affected.
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    chinese products are of bad quality ,there were news about phone batteries got exploded while charging , still people buy them coz they are cheap...
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    one virtue of having a government without the left front is that prc can be taken head-on on a certain issues that bother the country and the industry. since the present government has taken up, for the first time in the last five years or so it seems the country has woken up to the threats that prc poses to us on some fronts and on top of that we have decided to do something about it rather than let it be a bygone.

    i am shocked to hear that the milk in take can go on to cause renal failure, disgusting to say the least, this is as good as a cold blooded murder, especially for those who can not afford the medication. good to see the dairy products have also been added to the list since there was good amount of chocolates, tofu, etc that were imported from prc.

    same is the case with the toys of chinese origin which were supposed to be high on led content, again very harmful for the health, though there is a local industry angle to it which is again a very important factor since thousands of jobs are at stake and so is the fate of local industry. issue with this industry is that prc produces these toys at dirt cheap rates completely unmatched by our industry and this is such a product line on which the parents are not too keen on spending too much and by default they end up buying what the chinese have to offer along with that the massive range the “mic” has to offer, so there is a clear usp in there again which gives them an edge in the market. this particular measure is a short term measure and the local industry has to fasten up its belts or else in the long run no matter how many protectionist measures we use, our industry will be a looser.

    if we have to have a strong domestic manufacturing units in the mobile handset division then the ban on chinese unbranded cheap handsets has to be put in place. nokia started local manufacturing of low end handsets in the country but there was consistent demand to curb these extremely low quality handsets from prc as their market % wise was increasing again the same was supported by motorola which was keen to have an assembly line for the low end products. along with the concern of the industry, as has been pointed out in the article there were serious security concerns, which made the tracking of handset almost impossible.

    with such measures in place we can certainly hope that it will benefit the manufacturing sector in the country and also address the health hazards that all such low quality stuff brings with it. it is very difficult to change the buying habits of people as its about the budgets they have but if its a case about mindsets then that can certainly be changed and for that electronic media is the best source to educated people about the dangers they are playing with in case they are going for low quality products, will the government dare do that, i am not so optimistic since a lot of local products are no good in this regard, so there could be a backlash which could become a political sensitive issue.

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    instead of killing the competition the chinese are killing the consumer,so they don't have to work about the competition getting him.

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