Gold medalist archer Nisha Rani sells archery equipment for poverty

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    RANCHI: Succumbing to "abject poverty", Bangkok Grand Prix medallist Nisha Rani Dutta has sold her world-class archery equipment for money.

    "I went to her house at Bundu in Ranchi district and spoke with her. She said that she had sold her bow because of poverty," said Sub-Divisional Officer Rajesh Rai.

    "She had been trained by Tata Archery Academy and won gold medal at international archery championships, but discontinued the sport because of poverty," he said.

    Rai said Dutta had told him that a world class bow cost more than Rs one lakh and Rs 20,000 for a quiver of 20 arrows.

    "She has requested the government to help her to take coaching in archery from NIS, Patiala. Because it can land her a job and financial security," the SDO said.

    Dutta, an archer in her early twenties, also told the SDO that she was released after completing training at Tata Archery Academy but could not move on due to lack of money.

    Tata Archery Academy's chief coach Dharmendra Tiwari said Dutta was with them before switching to another group.

    "She won a few medals, including at Bangkok grand prix archery championship," Tiwari said.
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    Damn shame.

    Is there no sports or any other body who monitor the athletes post retirement?

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