Go to your Pyara Pakistan: Sk Hasina to Khaleda Zia

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    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday accused the leader of the opposition of instigating the army to take over power unconstitutionally, sensing her defeat in the next election.
    “Begum Zia could understand it very well that people of the country would not give vote to a corrupt party like BNP, and for her movement to protect the war criminals,” she said.
    She (Khaleda Zia) must know that the situation of 1975 and 2013 are not the same, Hasina told a discussion at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the capital.
    The premier said the BNP leader still believes in grabbing power by climbing on the shoulder of the army as she has no faith in democracy and public support.
    Mentioning that the real face of the BNP leader has now got exposed before people, Hasina said “Go to your (Khaleda’s) ‘Pyara Pakistan’, you’ll feel good there,” reports UNB.
    Khaleda Zia was hatching conspiracy to stop recruitment of the members of Bangladesh police and armed forces in the UN peacekeeping missions.
    “But, I firmly want to spell out that Begum Zia’s conspiracy would not work as people are more conscious now than before,” Hasina told her audience.
    The premier also said the leader of the opposition was also hatching conspiracy to create obstacles in the trial of BDR killing case.
    In view of this, she engaged all pro-BNP lawyers to defend the accused persons, Hasina alleged.
    Blasting Khaleda Zia for her party’s stance in favour of war criminals, the premier said, “If anybody is tried in future on the allegation of genocide, it will be Begum Zia first.”
    AL General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam, who was present in the discussion, also blasted Khaleda Zia for her recent remarks in Bogra, reports BSS.
    “In fact she [Khaleda] wants to undo country’s democracy and wage a civil war,” he said.
    With Deputy Leader of the Jatiya Sangsad and AL presidium member Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury in the chair the function was addressed, among others, by AL Advisory Council member Suranjit Sengupta, presidium member Matia Chowdhury.

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    It is an open secret that ISI has special funds for Bangladesh. The things have been debated in Pakistani courts. Whom ISI support for elections is non other than 1971 left over illiterate ISI dalal Jamatis garbage.
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    One cannot blame Khaleda Zia for being pro Pakistan.

    Her husband had been taking orders from his West Pakistani senior officers and so it has become a second habit of her's to obey Pakistanis!
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    If Khaleda Zia is openly calling for army revolt government should lock her on charges of attempt to overthrow government and treason.

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